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Economic Daily: Will I leak personal information when it shows IP territory?

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Reporter/Wang Yichen

□ IP territory does not equal IP address. The open IP territory information is only displayed as provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) or countries (regions). It is difficult to identify or associate to specific natural persons directly through this information.

□ The majority of users should abide by relevant national laws and regulations, use the Internet civilization, and do not try to change their IP territory through illegal means to avoid the goal of becoming a cyber criminal.

Recently, Internet platforms such as Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, and Kuaishou have successively launched the IP territorial display function. There are rumors that the territory of IP will leak user privacy and leave a lot of security risks. is that true?

It is understood that this measure for major online platforms is for compliance. In order to help the public identify false information and make the Internet space more clear, the National Internet Information Office issued the "Provisions on the Information Management of Internet User Account Information" on June 27, which will be implemented from August 1, 2022. It is clear that the registered and use specifications of account information shall show the Internet agreement (IP) address of the Internet user account (IP) address of the Internet user account within a reasonable range on the account information page, which facilitates the public to supervise the public interest. The features on each platform are preparing for the New Deal.

The relevant person in charge of Weibo told the Economic Daily reporter that in order to reduce bad behaviors such as the parties to pretending to be hot, malicious rumors, and traffic flow, and ensuring the authenticity and transparency of the content of the communication, Weibo has launched the user IP land function in March this year.

Regarding the rumors of hidden dangers of the IP territorial display function, the person in charge believes that the territory of IP does not mean the IP address. The open IP territorial information is only displayed as province (autonomous region, municipality) or country (region). Judging from the regional information dimension displayed by domestic accounts alone, the number of users in a provincial -level region is huge, and it is difficult to identify or associate to a specific natural person directly through this information. For example, Weibo judges the area of the belonging to the territory of the user's blog, review, and voting.

According to Zuo Xiaodong, a professor at the School of Public Affairs of the University of Science and Technology of China, the location information displayed by the IP territory is not the same as the location information called when we use mobile phones in our daily use. The principles of the two are different. The former is the IP address that is allocated when accessing the Internet. The Internet communication agreement determines that the information receiver must know this IP address, so you can know the territory through the IP address. This process does not require user authorization and opening the sensitive authority of the mobile phone; the latter Relying on GPS positioning or base station positioning, it is a sensitive permissions, and the user needs to obtain the user's clear authorization.

However, with the launch of the IP territory display function, some people also moved their brains, and changed their real IP to deceive people with illegal means, and started some "black business".

Pei Zhiyong, director of the Security Research Center of the Qi Anxin Industry, said that it is difficult to obtain the protection of laws or services to buy and use the IP territory. Once consumers have a dispute with merchants, it is often difficult to protect their rights. At the same time, most of the software obtained through informal channels cannot be guaranteed. In fact, many so -called changing IP territorial software is a Trojan program that is the purpose of controlling users' mobile phones or stealing information. In addition, some are fraud routines. Merchants will trick users to constantly recharge and buy new packages. Once they want to refund the money, they may fall into a variety of refund traps and be deceived more money.

In this regard, experts remind users that the majority of national laws and regulations should abide by the relevant national laws and regulations, use the Internet civilization, and do not try to change their IP territory through illegal means to avoid the goal of becoming a cyber criminal.

Who should bear the responsibility of rectifying the chaos of related IP? Pei Zhiyong believes that, as an important measure to promote the construction of the rule of law in China, the work that promotes IP territorial norms should be more pronounced. First of all, at the legislative level, it is necessary to clarify how the network users change the IP territory without authorization how to qualify, manage, and punish them. For enterprises or individuals who provide agent IP services, how can it be qualitative, managed, and punished. In addition, if the network platform wants to crack down on the territory of the IP and punish relevant accounts, it also needs the necessary legal basis and support. Secondly, from the technical ability, identification and banning illegal agency IP server, identification and banning IP territory software, the ability of telecommunications operators is undoubtedly the strongest, and the data resources are the most abundant, but the cost of high governance is required. It cannot be achieved overnight. Essence

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