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Zhejiang Anji Touch Live Manager's main body.

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Reporter Lu Xinwen

According to news from the website of the Huzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Zhejiang Province on July 18, a "grass -roots reflection" suggestion from Anji County, Huzhou City should establish a live broadcast content retain mechanism, that is, the live video of the merchant is in a certain period of time period. Reserved filing can be used to collect illegal information and can be used for consumer disputes [Enter the Black Cat Complaint] mediation judgment.

In recent years, the live broadcast and online celebrity e -commerce companies have become the new engine to promote the development of the digital economy. The Zhejiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Provincial Supervision Commission will regulate the important aspects of the special governance of the special governance of the interests of the masses to infringe on the interests of the masses.

Since the beginning of this year, the Anji County Market has actively promoted the rectification of online live marketing entities, comprehensively touched the online live operating entities in the county, established a database, interviewed the subjects suspected of illegal acts, and carried out on -site guidance specifications in the county's live broadcast platform.

Combing and analyzing the network live broadcast subject in Anji County, and found that the current live broadcast marketing mainly exists in the following problems:

First, the threshold for live broadcast operations is low, the subject changes frequently, and the data is difficult to monitor in real time. Affected by the environmental environment such as the epidemic, a large number of market entities have switched to live marketing marketing in recent years. A business license plus a mobile phone can achieve live selling goods. Various factors such as attention, number of fans, and traffic, live marketing is not a share of everyone, so the changing frequency of operating subjects is high. Taking Anji County as an example, the county's market supervision department has established a database containing 111 live marketing entities through online monitoring (Douyin, Taobao live broadcast platform) and offline investigation, but there may be new subjects or personnel at any time. It is difficult to dynamically update to achieve comprehensive supervision.

Second, the clues of live marketing illegal clues are unpredictable and fleeting, and it is difficult to obtain evidence. On the one hand, the grass -roots law enforcement departments have insufficient online monitoring equipment and backward monitoring methods. The illegal information of online live broadcast cannot be predicted. Even if it is prepared to recording the screen solid certificate, illegal information will not be guaranteed. The illegal clues are mainly due to artificial inspections and complaint reports. On the other hand, online live marketing is different from traditional store product exhibitions. Advertising promotion is integrated in live video. Sound illegal information is fleeting, and it is difficult to obtain evidence in real time. As of this year, the Anji County Market Supervision Bureau has handled a total of 18 cases of live marketing categories (17 illegal advertising, 1 in improper competition), and the illegal clues are collected in the text expressions on the publicity page. Promote the data of "five -claw steel chair foot weights up to 110kg", "100,000 chair wheel sliding tests", "60,000 air pressure rod roster test" and other data. ", The source of the evidence of no case is an anchor.

The third is that there are many tricks of live promotion, the anchor's verbal promises are casual, and the after -sales rights are difficult to verify. During the form of network live marketing activities, especially during the "Double 11" and "618" promotion activities, the same store will be reduced, pre -sale, confirmed receipt, gifts, and set meal packages during the same promotion. For many activities, there are minimal differences between different activities and the slight differences between gifts, and consumers are often misleading. Ms. Zhang's Ms. Zhang bought a floor washing machine in a brand Taobao live room during the "618". When introducing the product during the pre -sale period on May 30 Purchase can enjoy early delivery. However, in fact, on June 18, another store anchor added a variety of gifts when selling the same product, which was consistent with consumers who trust the anchors' promotional activities for consumers. Another example is Mr. Wang purchased bedding in the Douyin live room. The anchor clearly stated that the price insured within a certain period of time (that is, the difference between the sales price and the subsequent promotional activity on the day can apply for the difference between the difference). However, during the insured period, Mr. Wang discovered the price of the product. After contacting the merchant, the merchant said that the difference was subsidy for the live broadcast platform. Non -store promotions could not be refunded. In the above situation, because consumers cannot provide evidence of the anchor's verbal commitment, they are often in a disadvantage due to difficulty in defense.

Therefore, grassroots suggestions:

The first is to coordinate the establishment of a dynamic database. Based on the platform registration information and market access system information, the live broadcast platform and market supervision department jointly established a live marketing main dynamic database for departmental supervision and data statistics.

Second, the live broadcast platform establishes the live broadcast content retention mechanism. The live broadcast video of the merchant can be retained in a certain period of time, which can be used to collect illegal information by law enforcement departments and the mediation judgment of consumer disputes.

The third is the violation of punishment exposure. Focusing on the current live broadcast marketing people reflect the strong problems, focus on strengthening the investigation and punishment of the case, form a monitoring and discovery clue and risk prevention full -process closed -loop disposal mechanism, expose the online live marketing series of illegal cases, and force the live broadcast subject to operate in accordance with laws and regulations. Essence Actively handle complaint reports, set up special online marketing marketing operations, open special complaints and report hotlines, and expand the source of illegal clues.

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