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Tencent tears the FIG leaf from China's NFT

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Author | Zhou Zhou

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Tencent, China's NFT industry "FIG leaf", mercilessly torn.

On July 20, 2022, a news shook the blockchain industry: Tencent will shut down Unreal Core, one of the largest NFT platforms in China. Subsequently (July 21), magic nucleus to the Chinese Times reporter said: did not receive notice, do not deny whether magic nucleus will be removed.

But that doesn't seem to matter. People suddenly realized that even the largest NFT platform in the country could not guarantee that the NFT purchased by users would not suddenly disappear. Users who bought digital collections in China suddenly found themselves buying NFT that had never belonged to them.

China's NFT industry began in June 2021, when Ant Group blew the first horn, Tencent, Zijie, Baidu, JINGdong, B station, xiaohongshu...... Almost all the big Internet companies "rush in" to enter the NFT industry. Among them, the largest volume is also ant's NFT platform Whale Probe and Tencent's NFT platform Magic core. At the height of NFT's popularity, millions of users flocked to the two NFT platforms every day.

Up to now, there are more than 600 NFT platforms in China. However, the fervor of the industry can not cover up the embarrassment of the domestic NFT platform, they name NFT, the actual things do have nothing to do with NFT. And Tencent plans to close the magic nucleus of the message, also once again this industry's predicament exposed in front of people.

Whether Tencent will turn off the magic core is not important.Importantly, Tencent can turn off the magic core at will, and users cannot choose NFT to belong to themselves.

NFT (non-homogeneous token), an asset that can be transferred online, is characterized by the fact that each NFT is unique and that each NFT can have only one owner. Based on these features, NFT can create an Internet world where everyone has the right to data, a more real and immersive Internet world. Specific performance is: when you are in the real world, your computer, your car, your house, the picture you draw...... The creators of every labor, all work to get at the same time, people in the network world to create paintings, music, video, virtual car...... It belongs to the creator.

One of the problems NFT solves is to make every Internet creator (a worker who works on the Internet) as well as every worker in the real world. NFT is about giving every creator the rights to his or her own data, which can be owned or resold.

Foreign NFT platform in this direction forward, whether Nike, Adidas, Puma and other sneaker manufacturers; Mainstream media such as the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times; BMW, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and other car companies are choosing to try the exploration of NFT direction. They invariably upload every NFT they make to the public chain so that every NFT is not controlled by a giant. Decentralization ensures the uniqueness, scarcity and security of NFT.

However, Tencent magic core and more than 600 other NFT platforms in China are simply selling pictures.

The digital collection released by Tencent Unreal Core is a non-NFT form of data that is still held by centralised giants such as Tencent. In short, magic Core is a platform for selling images. Each picture ranges from 10 yuan to 100 yuan, and the same picture can be sold for 10,000 copies. These images, like all images on the Internet, are worthless.

The phantom core upload a picture to Tencent's blockchain, and Tencent can still change or remove the blockchain at will. This makes linking data optional.

In fact, data in the form of NFT, once owned by a user, is as unique as any offline asset a person has. It's like a Picasso painting, jay Chou's first limited-edition album, a notebook from a friend...... Each one is unique and valuable. However, NFT only exists online.

Why do people buy these pictures, music and videos? Collecting is a behavior rooted in human heart. For a rare and precious thing, people can't help but collect it. However, the birth of the Internet allows a large number of creative activities to take place on the Internet. The Internet allows every creation to be forwarded infinitely, and people seem to have no interest in collecting online things.

The characteristics of NFT make it possible for people to realize the desire and demand of digital art collection, which will greatly promote the creation passion of Internet creators.

The van Gogh of the future may not paint on canvas, but on the web. Instead of sculpting from clay and stone, the Michelangelo of the future may be 3D sculpted online. While the great musicians and writers of this era are spreading their works around the world for free on the Internet, they don't have to worry about losing their creative fees. As long as they are good enough, fans will buy NFT versions of their unique music or books, which will be highly collectible.

People collect because of the scarcity and uniqueness of the objects they collect. However, the NFT launched by the domestic NFT platform, because of the control of the central platform, each collection can be easily copied, each collection can be easily taken away, which also makes the value of its collection close to 0.

This is also the reason why many domestic NFT entrepreneurs are confused at present. What they do is not real NFT, but with the help of users who do not understand and speculation mentality in doing. There are even NFT platforms that don't have NFT links, but simply put pictures on the web and let people buy them. This is undoubtedly a deception.

If the direction is wrong, no matter how far you run, you cannot reach your destination. China's NFT industry is now moving in a different direction from its destination. These frothy innovations do not seem to contribute to the goal of building a digital society and unlocking the value of data.

Data, as the fifth factor of production, has become an indispensable part of productivity in today's world. In the history of human economic and social development, production and labor force are the most basic factors of production. With the progress of The Times, capital and technology have become new factors of production, and they have a revolutionary impact on productivity.As a kind of authoritative and valuable data, NFT is gaining more and more industry attention and layout. It has become a key factor in releasing data value by empowering data through technology.

Today, there are two types of data, NFT and non-NFT. Do not mistake the latter for the former.

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