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Tencent's web3 dream, it will be shattered in less than a year?

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Digital collections ushered in the first shuffling for less than half a year in China.

According to the "Interface", Tencent is planning to dismiss the "magic nuclear" business this week. Tencent Phantom nucleus is a digital collection platform under Tencent. It was launched in August 2021 and has not been full for one year. The magic nucleus belongs to Tencent PCG and is the innovative business of the department.

According to the "Huaxia Times", the phantom nucleus told reporters: We have not received relevant notices, and currently operate everything as usual. At present, the new version of the APP and upgrade the old collection experience, the release of new collections will be postponed. However, the phantom nuclear has not denied whether the magic nuclear will be dismissed, and it has not told reporters that the news is "rumor."

Even though Tencent really abolished the "magic nuclear" business, it did not mean that Tencent completely abandoned the blockchain.The industry speculates that at least the "fantasy nuclear" chain will still operate normally. Based on Tencent Cloud, the Based on Tencent Cloud is a blockchain platform jointly constructed by Tencent, China Net Security, and Maple Tune. The home unit provides blockchain services.

01 can't sell things, the bubble is broken

The domestic NFT boom originated in June 2021. At that time, the Alipay and Dunhuang Fine Arts Research Institute released two NFT skin, and the price was once fired to more than 10 million.

Two months later, Tencent launched the NFT release platform "Phantom Nuclear" APP. Later, for compliance considerations, the name of NFT was renamed "Digital Collection".

The magic nucleus quickly became one of the largest digital collection platforms in China. Since Xinhua News Agency released the first set of digital collections at the end of December last year, NFT has been officially recognized, and the popularity of digital collections has begun to rise after the Spring Festival. A data shows that in February this year, there are no more than 100 domestic digital collection platforms. As of July, there were 681 digital collection platforms launched in China.


Phantom APP interface

However, since April and May, market sentiment has shifted from a very excited state to pessimism. "It can be seen from everyone's chat that no one has bought it because it is no longer good at it."Huang Kai, the "Tibetan Ship", told Jike Park that "the number of new users coming in is declining, and when the number of platforms is increasing, we have clearly seen a trend. Many platforms cannot sell anymore. , Even the big manufacturer can't sell it anymore. "

According to the "Interface" report, at the beginning of the fantasy nucleus, the first batch of "Thirteen Invitational Vinyl Records NFT", which limited 300, was sold out in 1 second, but in the past month, multiple digital collections of fantasy nucleus have appeared. Surprise. A total of 20,245 pieces of "Master Hongyi's Calligraphy Calligraphy Screen Digital" issued on June 21, which were released on June 21, a total of 8206 were sold for a total of 8,206 series of "Shizhuzhai Painting Book" series released on June 17.

Earlier, the fantasy nuclear has maintained a new frequency on digital collections once a week, or even two or three times a week, and has not sold new digital collections in the past two weeks.

In February and March, the sales of the magic nucleus were very good, and it was sold out almost immediately. Many buyers think that even the products of unknown small platforms can make a lot of money, so the magic nucleus owned by large factories should be able to earn more. If the fantasy nuclear will open the secondary circulation market in the future, the phantom nuclear products you buy will add more.

However, the greater the fantasy of the big factory, the higher the risk. "The money that digital collection can make is nothing to Tencent. Because the regulatory policy is not clear, Tencent does not need to risk to open the secondary market." LUCY said that it started to do the digital collection solution platform last year.

With the advent of the overseas NFT market, it has also affected the domestic market. "Everyone feels that there is a risk of foam rupture, and the magic nucleus is firmly unavailable to set up a circulation platform. Phantom nuclear products have also become the first to be sold. She analyzed.

For Tencent, when digital collections cannot be sold, and the risks of the policy can open the secondary market to boost the market, and when the new business "has no way", this business that makes fast money is basically coming to an end.

02 The routine of "IQ Tax" is invalidated, and the second half begins

Why is digital collections extremely popular? Azawa, the manager of a digital collection platform, observed that 80% of the people who purchased digital collections in the early days came from the ox with a fried shoe ring, the Moutai circle, and the door -fried ticket circle. The picture, and they have a large user base in their hands. "These user bases are mainly post -95s, and men account for the vast majority of men.

soon, This attracted the attention of the black production. A member of a network security team told us that the appreciation space that was hyped at the beginning of the digital collection was monitored that the number of black yield intelligence began to explode around March this year.

The black production will monitor the major activities of the NFT release platform in real time, organize it into a table, share it in the group, and update every day. Then write the program for snap -up, and then sell it back. The whole process is profitable and illegal. The boom of black production further makes the hype of this field more crazy.

Many digital collections themselves are not worthy, and they lack competitiveness in their aesthetics. "The current digital collection is very unhealthy. Few people pay attention to whether it has artistic value. Do you really like or have collection value? Only consider whether you can make money."

From the perspective of Sun Quan, an internal employee of a digital collection of a large Internet factory, the large manufacturer's digital collection is also equivalent to "cut leeks". Think about the meaning of this matter. "

Sun Quan found that some institutions will find a digital collection platform, or the platform will find them, discuss how to design each other, and disclose how to hype in advance.

Zhou Yu hit Huang Gai, willing to fight and be willing. Investors are lucky and think that they can make differences when they turn their hands. A unique Xu Beihong digital ink horse collection can be sold for 128 yuan, and it will be available in seconds. "Actually you buy a picture. There are few copyright products. To put it plainly, it is the IQ tax. It doesn't make much sense."

"The industry that rely on unhealthy speculation is definitely unable to last." Huang Kai felt, "People in the industry also hope or call on the country to retain the transfer of digital products as much as possible, while avoiding its financial melting and avoiding its hype.This depends on the country's policy. I am afraid that this market is now badly played by some small platforms. The country comes out of a one -size -fits -all policy, which directly seals the circulation. That will be a devastating blow for the industry. "

From the perspective of official media, government agencies hope to use digital collections to promote traditional culture, tap the value of digital cultural and creative value, and return to the authentic value value of the blockchain itself. The fantasy nuclear retreat is actually a summary of digital collections in the past six months. After this shuffle, the industry may return to the discussion of the artistic value and connotation of digital collections."Still thinking about what the digital collections can bring to us."

(Lucy, Aze, Sun Quan is a pseudonym)

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