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The answer to the multiple choice question: Henan University of Technology will be 970,000 full renewal of the network, did not stop booking

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Renew CNKI for the full amount of 970,000 yuan, subscribe to a magazine package of 270,000 yuan or stop subscribing to all products of CNKI? In late April 2022, the library of Henan University of Technology conducted a survey of teachers and students on the three options for the renewal of CNKI in 2022 through its official website and wechat account.

The answer to this multiple choice question has now been filled in.

The library of Henan University of Technology will purchase the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) database with a budget of 970,000 yuan and a one-year service period, according to the information website of Henan University of Technology.

Issued on July 11, 2022 of the 2022 years of henan university of technology library purchasing foreign database is a single source procurement fair show ", according to the plans to renew the six foreign language database, renew the 18 Chinese databases (including Chinese knowledge network, the data platform (enhanced version) of ten thousand + ten thousand square topic selection, d PuZhongWen periodical service platform, etc.), The total budget is 6140,973 yuan.

The public document explains that this renewal and the newly added digital resources are unique. They are exclusively developed, published and sold by the only electronic resource supplier, with independent intellectual property rights, unique resource content, unique function, single source and irreplaceable. Due to special reasons or objective conditions, can only be purchased from a specific supplier. Digital resources belong to continuous products. The digital resources ordered this time are the core electronic resources currently being used by the staff of our school. They must be re-ordered to continue to use them. At the same time, these digital resources have a lot of updates every year, the data content of digital resources contains a large amount of intellectual property protection fees, high cost, should not be replaced.

The public document also mentioned that the digital resources ordered by our school have been ordered for many years, and the majority of readers have formed a good habit of using them. It is an important guarantee for the normal teaching and scientific research of our school, and greatly improves the learning efficiency of our school readers and the service level of the library. This order of digital resources, the price is open and transparent, uniform nationwide, the annual renewal price is relatively stable, single or single price tends to be stable, as an old user, you can enjoy the lowest order price every year.

The documents attached by the university show that the renewal period of CNKI is from September 16, 2022 to September 30, 2023. The contents include journals (8,476 journals from 1914 to the present, with 57.3 million articles), doctoral and master's dissertations database (more than 4.8 million doctoral and master's dissertations from colleges and universities since 1984). The exclusive cooperation of more than 150 doctoral units, exclusive cooperation master program units, 302), the meeting (collected at home and abroad more than 10200 academic conference literature important meeting host unit of output, collected more than 3.4 million papers), paper (included central all kinds of newspapers, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and other prefecture-level city party newspaper, And facing the whole country has a certain influence of characteristics of public offering important industry newspaper, published totaled more than 1990 references), as well as the yearbook, reference books, higher education, the collection publication, Chinese patents, foreign patents, scientific and technological achievements, the party journal, fine art, culture, science, economic information, the construction project cost, etc. A total of 20 database.

Surging news earlier reported, on April 25, 2022, henan university of technology library through website and WeChat male 2022 China renew the knowledge network of three kinds of solutions to all the teachers and students conducted a survey, "the survey involving everyone's real benefits, for scientific research and teaching work far-reaching, please the general teachers and students actively participate in, seriously."

According to the introduction of Henan University of Technology Library, recently, some negative information about CNKI has been circulated on the Internet, and the library has received feedback from many teachers that some periodicals in CNKI cannot be viewed or downloaded normally, which has seriously affected the development of the university's scientific research work. According to the library, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) selected 683 Chinese periodicals exclusively sold by China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), separated the digital editions of these periodicals from the journal database, priced individually and issued separately. Most of these journals belong to the core of Peking University or NTU and have high academic value. After several negotiations with China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) agreed to temporarily open the digital edition of this part of the journal in a trial form.

The library then listed three options for renewal.

Plan 1: Fully renew CNKI, including 20 services such as all academic journals (including one journal) and all doctoral and master thesis databases, with a total amount of RMB 970,000.

Plan 2: only subscribe to the individual journal package of CNKI, and other academic journals that do not belong to the individual journal, as well as doctoral and master theses can be searched and browted through Wanfang, VIP and other databases, with a total amount of ¥270,000.

Plan 3: Stop subscribing to all products of CNKI. Some of the 683 Chinese periodicals of CNKI can be downloaded through literature delivery and other means.

At that time, the public account of Henan University of Technology Library on wechat was open to the public in the comment area of the relevant message.

Among them, some people suggested that they would ask the school to renew their subscription to CNKI before finding a more accessible literature collection website than CNKI. Can we only book two months from April to June every year? This was followed by opposition: "The students should be a undergraduate, April to June is inappropriate, and consider possible for a small number of graduates is this a few months, also won't touch after graduation, but for all the year round to do review written papers to see literature graduate students, doctoral students and teachers to do topic, this scheme is not desirable, How to study and work for the other nine months is a question."

Another said, I don t like Knowhow. But rational consideration, to make clear two questions to see: 1. Full subscription to know network, can cover the content of Wan Fang Wei Pu? If covered, can not order ten thousand square VIP, save this part of the cost. 2. How much is the exclusive magazine of CNKI + Wanfang + VIP? If you can't save a lot of money, then you should also order the full publication of CNKI. If it's a good deal, let everyone learn to multiplatform search."

Henan University of Technology, located in Zhengzhou, is a university jointly established by Henan Provincial People's Government and the State Grain Administration. Currently, there are 1,960 full-time teachers, 934 with associate senior titles and above, and 1000 with doctoral degrees. There are 572 master supervisors and 74 doctoral supervisors. There are more than 38,000 full-time students in the university, including 3000 graduate students and 300 foreign students. In addition, there are nearly 10,000 students in continuing education; It has sent more than 220,000 qualified graduates for the country, and more than half of the management elites and technical backbone of the food industry are from the school, known as the "Whampoa Military Academy" of the food industry.

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