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The iPhone 14 kills the Mini, But Is a small phone really a false need?

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It has been rumoured that the Mini version of the iPhone 14 will be scrapped in favour of the larger iPhone 14 Max when it is released in September. That could mean the end of Apple's generation of high-quality, small-screen phones.

iPhone 14砍掉了mini 小屏手机真的是伪需求吗?

The smaller Mini is rumored to be replaced by the larger MaxIn fact, it is not uncommon to discuss whether the small screen is a fake demand. We can often see a lot of comments from netizens expecting the small screen on social platforms, but the trend of industry development seems to have completely gone in the opposite direction, and the small screen mobile phone will become extinct. At this time a problem is placed in front of: small screen mobile phone really pseudo demand?

01 Why the Small screen phone is very popular, but manufacturers don't make it?

To answer that question, we need to talk about why smaller phones have been so popular.

From the root, mobile phone is a portable communication tool, smaller and smaller is the most original understanding of it. Because it's smaller, it's more portable. In the era of non-smart phones, how to make mobile phones smaller has always been the trend of the industry, from a mobile phone that is nearly 2 kg in size like a brick, to a small mobile phone that can be controlled by one hand by putting it into one's trouser pocket.

iPhone 14砍掉了mini 小屏手机真的是伪需求吗?

In the era of smart phones, the larger size has brought a setback in portability. The problem of increasing the size of mobile phones is amplified by the emergence of scenes such as inability to operate with one hand, wrist fatigue after holding it for a long time, and pain on the face while lying down. So, miss the small screen small size is also understandable.

In addition, miss small screen is also related to feelings. Most of the people who miss the small screen, miss is not the function of the limited information of the small screen, but at that time more advanced "ancient early intelligent machine" of the small screen, left a good impression when used, or always want to buy but is not happy. For these people, a small screen is more of a dream, especially in an era of big screens everywhere.

iPhone 14砍掉了mini 小屏手机真的是伪需求吗?

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So, given the demand, why aren't manufacturers making more phones with smaller screens? Simply put, it's hard for small phones to generate significant revenue for manufacturers. There are two reasons for this

First, consumers say they want a smaller screen, but their bodies honestly choose a bigger one. Smart phones have been separated from the category of communication tools and become devices for people's entertainment, work and life. The larger size means a larger display, easier interaction with complex pages, longer battery life with a larger battery, and more cutting-edge technology, such as more sophisticated camera modules, can also be brought into the phone. Smaller sizes have to compromise on these aspects.

iPhone 14砍掉了mini 小屏手机真的是伪需求吗?

Due to the limited battery capacity, iPhone 13 Mini does not support high brush Second, with the popularity of large screen, related upstream production lines are becoming more mature, relatively speaking, the manufacturing cost is also lower. At this time, a small screen phone will need to be customized separately for production parts, and the cost is difficult to control. From the consumer's point of view, it is difficult to accept the function degradation of the small screen phone, but the price is not low.

To sum up, there are fewer and fewer small phones on the market.

02 Can There be a future for Small Phones?

The answer to this question is yes: no.

There is no longer a compelling reason for a small phone. The portability advantage has been superseded by a smartwatch that is smaller and easier to carry around.The new generation of consumers have not experienced the gradual decline of feature phones, and the native perception of smartphones has left them with little affection for smaller screens.

If there is a value to be found in the next few years of small phones, it may be that users are tired of big screens and are new to smaller phones. In the face of the general trend of smartphone demand, the small screen phone is also the fate of fake demand.

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