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China's first land ecosystem carbon monitoring satellite "Jumang" successfully launched

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Original title: my country's first land ecosystem carbon monitoring satellite "Jumang" successfully launched

my country's aerospace industry has moved rapidly, constantly refreshing records, and entering the "fast track" of innovation and development. "Zhu Rong" explores the fire, "和" one by day, "Tianhe" to travel stars, and major project achievements have attracted worldwide attention. While exploring the vast universe, aerospace technology is also integrated into low -carbon environmental protection.

11At 08 points, "Jianmang" successfully launched

The reporter learned from the National Space Administration that at 11:08 on August 4, my country adopted the Long March No. 4 to carry rockets at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center and successfully launched the first land ecosystem carbon monitoring satellite "Gōu). The satellite will provide remote sensing monitoring services in the direction of carbon reserves monitoring, ecological resources detailed investigation, and national major ecological engineering monitoring and evaluation, to play the power of remote sensing for "beautiful China" and improve my country's right to speak and dominate the world's climate change.

“句芒号”点火起飞(郑逃逃 摄)

"Jianmang" ignition and take off (Zheng escape)

The "Jumang" satellite is a scientific research satellite in the medium- and long -term development plan of the national civil space infrastructure. Through the comprehensive remote sensing methods such as laser, multi -angle, multi -spectrometer, ultra -spectrum, polarization, etc., the detection and measurement of vegetation and biomass, atmospheric solitude, vegetation chlorophyll fluorescence and other factors will be widely used in carbon monitoring, land ecology and land ecosystems, and land ecosystems. Resource survey and monitoring, national major ecological engineering monitoring and evaluation, atmospheric environment monitoring, and research on the role of gas solution in climate change. It also needs to obtain high -end control points, disaster monitoring and evaluation, agricultural situation remote sensing monitoring and other needs, which significantly improves my country's land remote sensing quantitative quantification Levels.

Satellite name, Hong Kong people actively participate in

This satellite has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life since its birth. From July 13th to July 20th, the National Space Administration held a naming event for the satellite. In the name collected, 20 candidates were selected by the expert group and then voted through the Internet and expert opinions, which was finally named "Ji Mang". Sentence (gōu) Mang is the wooden god, Spring God, and the god of the East in ancient Chinese folk mythology. It is in charge of the trees and grows, and it is on the same place with Zhu Rong, symbolizing the awe and responsibility of the natural environment.

Phoenix Satellite TV Phoenix Show hosted the naming event in Hong Kong, and the people from all walks of life in Hong Kong responded enthusiastically. The Hong Kong Youth Federation, the Hong Kong Elite Association, the Youth Scientist Association, the Hong Kong Youth College Student Association, Minghui Think Tank, the Dawan District Youth Network, Super Youth Camp and other organizations, institutions, and Hong Kong citizens have actively participated and contributed to their characteristics. Satellite name. There are "Xuanwu" and "Pangu" from mythology; "Yu Heng" with traditional cultural elements; and "Qingquan Star", "Green", "Tianyi", which fits the double carbon targets.

"Jumang" helpDual carbon strategy

Looking at the green mountains and green mountains, helping "carbon -to -peak, carbon neutralization", and the "Summann" satellite is a aerospace operation that implements "green mountains and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains". After the satellite runs on the orbit, it adopts the main passive remote sensing system, which can obtain the multi -factor remote sensing information of global forest carbon exchange, improve the efficiency and accuracy of carbon exchange measuring, and transform the traditional manual carbon exchange measures. , Carbon neutralize the strategy to provide important remote sensing support to help my country ’s statistical monitoring and accounting capabilities for forests, grasslands, wetlands, and sandy land.


Land Ecosystem Carbon Monitoring Satellite Simulation Picture

This task is also successfully equipped with 2 small satellites of traffic satellite and Minhang Junior Star. Traffic No. 4 satellite will carry out the collection of global ship navigation, flight flight status, and the collection of information related to the Internet of Things. Minhang Junior Star will provide services for small and medium -sized students to participate in aerospace scientific research and engineering practice such as satellite design, development, installation, and launch.

The State Aerospace Administration is responsible for the "Junman" satellite engineering management and the organization of major events and the launch permit approval, the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau (lead), the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the China Meteorological Bureau, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry, and the Emergency Management Department The user departments are responsible for the construction and operation of their respective application systems, the China Resources Satellite Application Center and the China Academy of Sciences The Institute of Air Information Innovation Research Institute is responsible for the construction and operation of the ground system in accordance with the division of labor, China Aerospace Technology Group Co., Ltd. China Space Technology Research Institute, Shanghai Aerospace Technology The Institute is responsible for the general development of satellite systems and carrier rocket systems, respectively, and the implementation of the Chinese satellite launch and control system department is responsible for the implementation of the launch field and the measurement and control system organization.

The mission is the 430th launch of the Long March series of launch vehicles.

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