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Apple Care+Lost Crimination of Multi -Country Line in China is silent: The reason is related to the oxen

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As early as 2018, Apple added a service in the Apple Care+named With Theft and LOSS (theft and loss) claims service. The iPhone users only needed to buy this service, and they can be lost in iPhone/stolen. Find Apple officially to obtain a new iPhone of the same model at ultra -low price.

In other words, as long as the user purchases this service, he can enjoy the presence and loss of claims on the Apple Care +'s original 2 -year -on -warranty and warranty machine.

Apple Care+theft and loss of insurance service clauses clearly indicate that when you lose your iPhone, you only need to spend some money to get a new iPhone of the same model in Apple.

However, this service is currently only launched in several countries abroad, and it is still in the expansion period. Not long ago, it was launched in France, Italy and Spain.

But the service that has been launched in 2018, why is there no news in China, because it has not yet opened up the domestic market? No, the probability of this service will not be launched in China. The main reason is that the once harsh market environment makes Apple really dare not try it easily.

To say this topic, we must not mention a good service that Apple has launched in China. Once upon a time, Chinese users purchased the iPhone. As long as there was a non -human reason, they could go to the Apple Store for free new replacement. How relaxed the policy at that time?

The faulty iPhone does not even need to return to the factory for maintenance. Apple clerk will take out a new iPhone on the spot to exchange it for users. When will the service start disappearing in China?

In 2013, Apple discovered that the Shenzhen Apple Store's weekly claims exceeded 2,000. This data was three times the United States ’largest Apple Store at that time. Such abnormal data attracted Apple's attention.

At that time, some mobile phone travers in Shenzhen were still immersed in the dream of wealthy overnight. The adulterer purchased a batch of iPhone with a low price at a low price, and used this policy to get these problems to get the Apple Store for newly replaced the Apple Store, and then sell it in the name of the official replacement to obtain huge profits.

But the reason why the traitors are adulterers is because of their insatiable nature, they have not stopped here. After this operation, it was found that the profit was not high enough, and they disassembled the recycled mobile phone, removed the valuable accessories, and replaced them with fakes or unavailable accessories.

If the previous approach is still within the allowable scope of Apple policy, then doing so is tantamount to naked fraud.

Apple Store's clerk knows how these evil doors are crooked. As long as the serial number of the mobile phone is inspected, the new machine will be replaced on the spot. Once a profitable can be used, the traitor will report to the group to warm up. As more and more adulterers join the wool activities, the official change has gradually formed an industrial chain. This is one of the reasons why the official replacement was so popular in that year.

Recycling on the mobile phone -disassembling part -to -part -part -Apple after -sales replacement -official replacement machine wholesale to merchants or channels -merchants began to sell. After such a set of processes, many adulterers issued wealth.

The most direct impact of it was that the maintenance cost of Apple's annual financial report was only 1.3 billion US dollars. In fact, Apple spent more than $ 3.7 billion that year, far exceeding the results of analyst estimates.

Therefore, Apple has to close the Apple Store of Shenzhen, but after that, this growth trend is still rising, and Apple finds that nearly 60%of the domestic replacement is deceived.

Naturally, Apple will not wait to die, immediately adjust the plan, start using the replacement appointment system, develop diagnostic procedures, and paint hardware such as batteries and CPUs with production lines that can only be seen under specific wavelength lights to determine whether the hardware is replaced.

However, Apple still underestimated the determination of the traitors to wool. The traitor and even the after-sales staff of Apple began to perform endless fraud on Apple. The replacement of the replacement in China is still 20%-40%tall.

At this moment, Apple has also made difficulties. Canceling this service will be accused of discriminating against Chinese consumers to treat differently. Do not cancel it. No one can afford this cost, but one thing that happened later saved Apple inadvertently. Essence

It was also that year, and it was on the list in 315 Apple. The reason is that there is a problem with a consumer's mobile phone. Apple has changed a brand new iPhone based on a new policy, but he complained to 315 because Apple's new approach does not conform to China's three packages.

This user advocates changing a new machine. The warranty time should be re -calculated and re -warranty for one year from the moment they got the official replacement. According to China's three packages, if Apple must implement a new policy, it must be replaced with new mobile phones to consumers while providing new mobile phones.

Apple's heart is cold now, which makes me live. However, Apple is probably laughed at the back of the ground. I do n’t know how to solve the problem of after -sales for new fraudulent insurance. This is a step directly, which is simply a charcoal in the snow.

Then I strictly follow China's three packages. In the future, any problems with the iPhone will not be changed, and it will be repaired! From then on, Apple's new service has withdrawn from the domestic market.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why Apple does not launch Apple Care+Lost Insurance Services in China. With the lessons of the front car, Apple can think of a large number of adulterers to use this service It is necessary to pay for Apple first, but it is insignificant in the face of the huge interests they can get.

It's like an insurance company earns premiums, but each policy will be in insurance. Do you think the insurance company will continue? I lost a lot.

The reason is that because the ox has disrupted the entire market because of its own self -interest, it hurts consumers' feelings and rights. This also caused the Microsoft Surface incident and the Amazon Kindle incident to end up with their rights and interests.

It can only be said that there is a long way to go, and the lack of trust has led to the difference between domestic consumers today, but with the continuous development of the domestic market, I believe that one day these rights will return.

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