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The hot word at the 2022 World 5G Conference -- 6G

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Fly like a webexAt this year's World 5G Conference 2022, 6G was also a buzzword. As 5G network construction continues to accelerate and enter the phase of large-scale deployment and application, 6G is gradually appearing on the stage and being discussed more and more.

After all, with the development of information and communication technology, 5G will not be able to fully meet the growing demand for wireless communication. At present, 6G research is still in its infancy, but the global 6G race has quietly begun.

6G supply chain market encounters the risk of international and domestic standardization clique

Wu Hequan, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the current 6G research situation is more serious than that of 5G research ten years ago. The supply chain market faces the risk of a small circle of international and domestic standardization, and faces the exclusion and blockage of China.

"We still need to adhere to the standardization of 6G, in line with the concept of open cooperation, with greater energy to carry out 6G technology and future industry international cooperation, increase innovation efforts, contribute to the application of 6G standard." "Mr. Wu said.

According to the introduction, the current exploration of 6G mainly includes new double-hook and super-large scale wireless technology, smart metasurface and other new physical dimension wireless transmission technology, communication perception integration technology, 6G low-carbon technology, self-point network, integrated main network, network health security and other new network technologies.

6G needs to face four large blocking points in the evolution process

Zhang Ping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out four blocking points in the evolution of 6G: the lack of leading basic theory, the future development of mobile communication encountered fundamental blocking points; The foundation of necessary support links is weak, and the mobile communication industry faces the key blocking points; The killer application platform is still lacking, and vertical industry applications are facing prominent blocking points. The open source ecology is not yet complete, and the future mobile communication should be strictly prevented from forming new blocking points.

So how do you get through those jams? Zhang Ping pointed out that the need to be smart simple as the core concept of mobile communication system design, short-term to ease the high-end chip "neck" problem, long-term theoretical original innovation and new mode ecological construction, enabling the sustainable development of mobile communication.

We should unswervingly take the route of independent innovation: implement the two-wheel driving mode of "government + market", build a new nationwide system of dredging blocked points; We will establish extensive and open scientific and technological alliances and reshape the international environment for breaking through blockages.

"6G is a process of accessibility, not the end of technological innovation, and it will continue to evolve." We will.

Wireless network intelligence evolves towards endogenous AI in the 6G era

Ma Hongbing, general manager of science and Technology Innovation Department of China Unicom, also talked about 6G. He pointed out that the intellectualization of wireless network will evolve toward endogenous AI in 6G era. "Wireless network intelligence has experienced 2G/3G embryonic stage, 3G/4G small-scale application stage, to 5G external application stage, has evolved to 6G endogenous AI direction."

According to Ma Hongbing, the vision of 6G includes intelligent, integrated, green and credible. China Unicom will continue to promote the whole-domain intelligence of wireless network at four levels, realize the field of endogenous AI enabling and intelligent information communication, and move forward to the 6G vision.

It is reported that China Unicom has independently developed core AI algorithms and has applied for more than 40 invention patents. Two software Copyrights have been obtained. The 4G/5G collaborative intelligent energy saving platform can achieve an energy saving ratio of more than 10%, a prediction accuracy of 91%, and an energy saving task accuracy of more than 98%.

6G is the future of ICT

Wang Jun, vice president of Huawei wireless network product line and chief scientist of 6G, also believes that a unified global standard is the only way for 6G, and 6G is the future of ICT.

Wang Jun likened 6G to a nervous system spread over the communication network. The ability of sensing data and machine learning will be iterated continuously to form the nerve center of the digital world. "Therefore, the vision of 6G is to transcend the connection of people and things, and move towards the connection of everything. And 6G will be a key factor in the adoption of AI, bringing intelligence to every person, every home, every car, every business."

Of course, spectrum is very important, so how will the spectrum be planned in the 6G era? Wang Jun believes that 6G spectrum will continue the use of 5G multi-layer spectrum, and may expand to 100GHz in the future. Different spectrums cooperate with each other to jointly meet the different scenarios and application requirements of 6G. "Low band is used in the base overlay, medium band (new IF 7GZ-15ghz) is used in the capacity/overlay, and high band is used in the extreme experience layer."

Of course, a global standard is the way to go for 6G. It is revealed that the industry will conduct research and verification of 6G candidate technologies in the next 3-4 years, and make relevant preparations.

6G is expected to form the standard cure by 2030

Chen Shanzhi, deputy general manager of China Information Technology Group, chairman of the expert committee and director of the State Key Laboratory of Wireless mobile Communication, said that 6G's vision is full coverage and scene intelligence. The two major signature technologies of 6G are the integration of satellite communication and ground mobile communication and the user-centered access network architecture.

In particular, artificial intelligence will move from 5G application to 6G endogenous intelligence to realize endogenous intelligence, and use artificial intelligence to realize self-optimization and self-evolution of the network and improve the security and reliability of the network.

Chen Shanzhi also revealed 6G research time point, he believes that according to the generational characteristics of mobile communication, from the frontier technology research stage, to 2025 around the standardization, is expected to form the standard of solidification in 2030. At present, academia and industry are in the forefront of 6G reserve technology research stage.

In addition, Chen also pointed out that 6G will achieve full coverage, changing the current situation of land mobile communication coverage. "From a technical point of view, the 6 g uniform hollow transmission technology, support the network construction and operational integration of heaven and earth, avoid" chimney "network development, the future 6 g to adopt uniform hollow core network, unified, unified access authentication, everyone with a mobile phone can be in the city, such as remote areas, desert, forest region non-inductive to access to the ground mobile communication and satellite communications. "

6G connects the virtual and real world

Wang Haobo, deputy general manager of Ericsson China Technology Department, believes that 6G connects the virtual world with the real world. Every G era has a label, so what is the label of 6G? It is an important bridge connecting the real world and the virtual world.

The four major application scenarios of 6G include: sensible networking, intelligent machine communication, connected sustainable world, and digital programmable physical world. And there are four important technological journeys interwoven with infinite connectivity, trusted systems, cognitive networks and computing networks.

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