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How to verify the performance of the "Guiguang" in the large factory and the transition to b?

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Financial Association | New Consumption Daily August 11 (Reporter Li Danyu) After the byte beating announced the self -developed chip, it once again set off the "core" heat of the Internet manufacturers. On August 10, Kuaishou (01024.HK) launched the SOC chip SL200, which has entered the internal test stage. Similar to byte beating around its own video recommendation business "Cost", Kuaishou's self -developed chip is also a cloud smart video processing mainly for live video on -demand applications.

Yu Bing, senior vice president of Kuaishou, told a reporter from the New Consumer Daily that new products may be mass -produced after the end of the year. Kuaishou also launched the video cloud brand StreamLake, entering the B -end business field, becoming a competitive product of the volcanic engine of byte beating. According to Kuaishou, it is currently known that and China Unicom are all business customers.

A person familiar with the matter subsequently revealed to the new Consumer Daily reporter that the internal internal attaches great importance to the video cloud brand project and established a first -level department for this. What is currently plagued by Kuaishou is that unlike many apps of byte beating, it can be directly applied to the volcanic engine. Its core products are only fast -handed and fast -handed speed. StreamLake urgently needs to increase external customers.

Kuaishou, Douyin B -side business does not talk about profitability

The Internet traffic dividend is topped, and fast hands and Douyin have to find new revenue growth points. Byte -beating its volcanic engine launched at the end of 2021, and became one of the six major business segments, and became one of the most important to B business. Whether it is a volcanic engine or a fast -handed StreamLake, it is more like Zhongtai service products, providing capabilities for other platforms.

Similarly, the bottom logic of StreamLake and volcanic engine is based on the current data accumulation and open technology. In the product composition, both StreamLake and volcanic engines focus on AI and content distribution.

Yu Bing revealed that when StreamLake is looking for a customer base, it will give priority to the industry with the largest demand for video AI. "Media, media information, social networking, community, entertainment, and traditional such as the radio and television industry and the communications industry, all of which are very magnificent for video demand."

It is understood that many of the customers of StreamLake are still from fast -handed ecology, including fast shadows, fast -handed, fast -moving high -speed version, fast -looking point, etc. This coincides with the volcanic engine, and its customers also cover a number of apps under the byte. The most important thing is Douyin.

The volcanic engine proposes almost the customer development system that has always been with Streamlake, that is, entering key industries such as entertainment, big consumption, finance, and automobiles. The ambition of the volcanic engine is better than StreamLake. The service content includes not only video services, but also storage and safety.

At present, the two companies do not set up compulsory profitable indicators for cloud projects. "Doing cloud is a small step fast running model. Our expectations of business are not like the goal of 10 billion yuan in traditional manufacturers. At present, we hope to achieve the head of video service providers." Yu Bing told reporters.

Yang Zhenyuan, vice president of byte, also said that the volcanic engine will not consider profitability at this stage, but does not mean that it does not pursue profit. "We are pursuing sustainable scale growth. Simply put, it is to maintain a certain growth of gross profit."

Another reason for the B -end at the expense is the pressure of performance. Compared with byte beating, Kuaishou as a listed company pursues early profit and loss balance. According to the previous reports of "Late", the revenue of Kuaishou's advertising this year is 59 billion, and it is planned to achieve a profit and loss balance at the end of the year. To achieve this, Kuaishou improved the accuracy of advertising loading rates and push, and plans to focus on developing industries with lower penetration rates before.

Judging from the first quarter of the financial report, the revenue of small and medium -sized merchants at Kuaishou C -end began to slow down, and the sustainability of the B -end business is hoping to improve the weakness of fast -handed revenue growth.

 "Creating" tide

In addition to the B -side, the fast hands and byte beating have been "centered" on the agenda.

"The Roi of the chip is very positive. We make a chip and invest for several years. The craftsmanship is very good. It will also help our video business experience and bandwidth reduction." Yu Bing said when talking about why the chip business was done.

Byte beating also points the purpose of self -developed chips to its own video business. "The self -developed chip exploration of byte beating mainly focuses on its own video recommendation business. The R & D team will customize hardware optimization for the large -scale video recommendation service of byte beating, such as video codecs, cloud reasoning acceleration, etc. cut costs."

Yu Bing revealed to reporters that the fast -moving self -developed chip has entered the test stage. "The chip is now a state that has just been successful, which is a small batch verification. The mass production may be after the end of the year."

In fact, this is not the first time that Internet companies have "built a tide". As early as 2018, Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent tied up "Casting", but with high -end special chips such as AI chips and server chips as breakthroughs, they were concentrated at the breakthrough, concentrated in the concentration at The chip design session does not involve chip manufacturing.

Internet independent analyst Yu Bin believes that the state's preferential policies on chips are also one of the reasons why major enterprises enter the chip track. According to the data, the "Announcement on Promoting the Income Tax of Enterprise Income Tax of the Integrated Circuit Industry and the Software Industry" issued in December 2020 states that the design, equipment, materials, packaging, testing companies and software companies encouraged by the state, and obtained themselves. The benefit of the year shall levy corporate income tax at the "two exemptions and three decreases".

However, the cost pressure of the chip still cannot be underestimated. The above -mentioned people who know the matter revealed that if it cannot reach 200,000 to 300,000 consumption, it is difficult to make a profit.

Yu Bing said that Kuaishou core is mainly based on self -use, and is also doing some preliminary discussions with industry customers, including industries with very large demand for video compression chips such as radio and television, cloud games, and security.

The wave of the Internet is reappearing. This time, it is the leader and Douyin leading. However, whether it is the B -end business expansion or chip mass production, it is still in the exploration stage. The fast hand cuts late.

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