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Lei Jun's first business thinking book "Xiaomi Entrepreneurship Thinking" was introduced to the latest and most complete Xiaomi methodology summary

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Phoenix.com Science and Technology News August 11th. Today, Xiaomi's new autumn product launch conference was held in Beijing. The founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group made an annual public speech for the third time. Discover the stories of opportunities and get forward. At the press conference, Lei Jun also disclosed his first business thinking book "Xiaomi Entrepreneurship Thinking" for the first time, and personally described his 30 -year career and Xiaomi's 12 -year business thinking. The most complete Xiaomi methodology summary.

According to reports, "Xiaomi Entrepreneurship Thinking" was published by CITIC Publishing House and 346,000 words in the book. It is an entrepreneurial and management reference book with "methodology auxiliary case practice". It is also an important document for people from all walks of life to understand Xiaomi's model and methodology practice.


Lei Jun said that during the tenth anniversary of Xiaomi, Xiaomi conducted an in -depth in -depth review summary in the interior, and the harvest was particularly large. Therefore friends. It took two years, and it took a lot of effort to publish it until today.

In the first half of 2020, the Lei Jun and the core management team spent about half a year. They conducted in -depth thinking and discussions on Xiaomi's entrepreneurial process, and formed a series of re -inspection conclusions. Gathering into a book.

It is reported that on the evening of August 11, the book was released on Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, JD.com, Dangdang, Tmall, CITIC Bookstore and other platforms and major Xinhua Bookstores. The price was 86 yuan, and the first price was 62 yuan. Users can also log in to platforms such as more reading, CITIC Academy and other platforms to buy e -books, audio books, and experience more reading forms.

After 30 years of precipitation, Lei Jun's first business thinking evolutionary history was fully disclosed

In an annual public speech, Lei Jun talked about the floating experience before founding Xiaomi. From the encounter in 1996, Pangu components were frustrated, Jinshan almost closed, to founding Excellence Network as an e -commerce, and to sell the company under the Internet bubble, and then sold the company, and then the company sold the company, and then sold the company, and then sold the company, and then sold the company, and then sold the company. Then When I left Jinshan and turned to an angel investment, I finally followed the trend and founded Xiaomi.

These missing ventilations and counterattacks and reversal entrepreneurial stories have been described in detail in the book "Xiaomi Entrepreneurship Thinking" and a profound review. Lei Jun wrote in the preface of the book that his career has gone through more than 30 years of floating and sinking. From the entrepreneurial attempts of the initial student days, to the development of general software, e -commerce, games, to mobile Internet tools, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services, cloud services Consumer electronics hardware, IoT device, etc. until last year entering the smart electric vehicle industry. He thought about business and never stopped.

What is the purpose of business and how to maximize business realization, the answer given by Lei Jun in the book is "efficiency", which can bring the most people to the most beautiful happiness. He said that Xiaomi has only done one thing since its establishment: with the Internet's thinking and methods to transform traditional manufacturing, practice and enrich the "Internet + manufacturing", promote the efficient revolution in business society, to achieve maximum users of users Interests and social and economic operation efficiency.

"Xiaomi Entrepreneurship Thinking" is the first book on business thinking about Lei Jun. It systematically sort out Xiaomi entrepreneurship through five parts of Xiaomi entrepreneurial process, Xiaomi methodology, Xiaomi methodology and industrial ecology, and the evolution of Xiaomi methodology. In the 12 years of gains and losses, sharing the practice and evolution of Xiaomi methodology, and incorporated Lei Jun's in -depth understanding of the history of the evolution of business in the past 30 years.

In this book, Lei Jun also focused on the summary of the "What is Xiaomi Mode". He believes that the Xiaomi model has a long -term universal value: it is an innovative business model, representing a healthier and simple consumer trendy trend and value orientation. In a more macro perspective, it is also an innovative and efficient development model.

"The thinking and practice of the Xiaomi model only opened a head. It came from Xiaomi's 12 -year entrepreneurial attempt, but it was not in the Xiaomi ecology." Lei Jun said that it is expected that more people will participate in the discussion, improvement and development of the Xiaomi model. Come to seek more help for the continuous efficiency revolution in the business sector.

Without reservation, the latest and most complete Xiaomi methodology summary so far

"Xiaomi Entrepreneurship Thinking" is a book of repetition, which comes from Xiaomi's tenth anniversary summary. One of the biggest highlights of this book is that it is the latest and most complete Xiaomi methodology summary so far. In the book, the seven -character tactics of Xiaomi methodology have been explained one by one to analyze how the Xiaomi method theory guides Xiaomi for more than ten years of development, and uses it to technology -based, as users, explosion models, and high -efficiency models. In great practice, and expanding the two major industries, such as ecological chain models and intelligent manufacturing.

At the same time, this book also uses the writing method of "methodology auxiliary case practice". Lei Jun has no reservation to share Xiaomi's entrepreneurial experience, showing a successful entrepreneur's deepest, sincere and forward -looking entrepreneurial thinking. The managers have a reference book.

As a collection of Xiaomi entrepreneurial summary and the sedimentation of Lei Jun's 30 -year business thinking, "Xiaomi Entrepreneurship Thinking" also caused heated discussion among many big coffee leaders such as business, investment, economists, and managers. Especially in the era of severe changes and uncertainty, this book has also become a book of annual value that is worth reading in all adversity and lingering people.

Liu Qin, the founding partner of Wuyuan Capital, said that this book explains the most simple human insight behind Xiaomi's business model. It also systematically combed the key links of mutual nested in Xiaomi methodology, the source of the company's execution and the innovative vitality Assure. What is even more rare is that this book also reflects a kind of sincerity. The book has no reservation to review the twists and turns of the company's development, the bottlenecks encountered, and the mistakes that have been committed. Fascinating.

Luo Zhenyu, the founder of the APP, said that Xiaomi is not only a company, it is also a story that is happening. The reason why this story is charming is because we are deeply involved in it. Through it, we can see ourselves; through it, we can see what the future is. After reading this one, look forward to the next one.

Qin Shuo, a senior media person and vice president of Shanghai Oriental Media Group, believes that "Xiaomi Entrepreneurship Thinking" is a valuable work worthy of the corporate and management academic circles. It comprehensively tells the exploration process of Xiaomi's "transforming China by the Internet" and a systematic summary. As a representative of China's new manufacturing, Xiaomi uses Internet thinking and means such as "focus, extreme, word of mouth, fast" to improve business efficiency from each link, achieve value innovation with efficiency innovation, thereby surpassing consumer expectations. The revelation for us is that in the era of digital and intelligent, based on China's market scale dividends, engineer dividends, supporting dividends, etc., Made in China may achieve new breakthroughs from cost revolution to efficient revolution, and move towards a new attitude towards a new posture. world.

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