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Microsoft calls Sony's game "exclusive" hindering the development of XGP, and the subscription system has not yet brought color to the two businesses

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Reporter Cai Yueyue Intern revenge Shuang Shanghai report

The competition between Microsoft Sony's two game giants has added a new chapter.

It is reported that on August 9, Microsoft submitted a document to the Brazilian Economic Protection Administrative Committee (Cade). Microsoft believes that their ability to expand its subscription service Game Pass has been "hindered" The "blockbuster right" is to ensure the exclusive content and pay to some third -party manufacturers to prevent them from providing content to Game Pass and other subscription services that may constitute Sony.

On the other hand, it is concerned that although Microsoft and Sony have begun a masterpiece in the subscription system of its host platforms since March this year, from the current revenue feedback in the latest quarterly reports of the two parties, its results are also effective Not obvious.

Why "exclusive"?

The phenomenon that Microsoft pointed out in the above documents is not the first time. In fact, content monopoly has always been the key business strategy of Sony on the PlayStation series platform.

Since the PS4 era, Sony has not been happy to see the manufacturer's game on the PlayStation platform, and continue to launch a game platform that has a competitive relationship with its competitive relationship with Xbox, EPIC Games. In addition to paying additional "exclusive fees" to retain third -party manufacturers, Sony also formulated a regulation of cross -platform game revenue in August 2019 that it has formulated a cross -platform game revenue -if the manufacturer was put on the shelves in other platforms If the income obtained more than a certain percentage, you have to pay Sony to pay an additional "Revenue Share".

Tim Sweeney, CEO of EPIC Games, once pointed out that Sony is the only platform operator that requires "compensation" for cross -platform games. "In some cases, EPIC will have to pay additional income to Sony," he explained that if someone is playing this game mainly on PlayStation, but paying on the iPhone, it may trigger the "compensation mechanism" Essence He also revealed that EPIC must agree to pay these additional fees to Sony, and "Fortress Night" can continue to operate cross -platform.

However, a game industry analyst told the 21st Century Economic Herald reporter that Sony was not "unreasonable" to prevent the flow of platforms from flowing to competitors through exclusive means, but more like a defense measure. "In fact, the two other (Microsoft and Nintendo) of the 'Yu Sanjia' platform also adopted an exclusive strategy for important products in the platform. Come. "

On the other hand, he believes that Sony is worried that the game will be launched on multiple platforms and divide the income of his own income, so he will ask the manufacturer to "compensate" the corresponding income. "This also reflects PlayStation as a platform. It can also be said to be a one Channel, felt that his attractiveness to the manufacturer was not as good as before, and it became a sense of crisis. "The analyst said.

In addition to attacking Sony's exclusive strategy, Microsoft further stated in this document that Microsoft has never tried to monopolize the "Call of Duty" series IP. This statement may be in response to the previous statement of Sony in the review of Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Sony's statement.

In response to the acquisition of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard, Sony once said in the response to Cade that there is no other developers who can create the game IP that comes to compete with the "Call of Duty", and it adds to Microsoft's games In the library, other manufacturers will make it unable to compete with it.

Both game revenue declines

Or is it driven by a sense of crisis. Before continuing to retain third -party manufacturers through additional payment, Sony has also vigorously increased its subscription system PLAYSTATION PLUS since March this year. online.

Microsoft, which attaches importance to the subscription system, has responded quickly and continues to increase. In addition to adding a trial function at the Xbox Game Pass (hereinafter referred to as "XGP") in June this year, and joined the XGP game library in first or third -party games such as "Starry Sky" and "Overnight Inferior" in the new tour conference , Recently, a family member plan has been added.

On August 5th, Microsoft officially announced the launch of a game member sharing program called "Xbox Game Pass Ultimate" in some areas. It is similar to the NSO family plan of Nintendo's host Switch, which is more similar to the NSO family plan. The plan can support up to 5 users to share a XGP subscription program.

Although both sides have been promoted by the subscription system, in the recent disclosure of the two game giants, Microsoft and Sony's two major game giants, the game business income has declined to a certain extent.

On July 26, Microsoft announced the full 2022 financial report and the fourth quarter financial report as of June 30. The financial report data shows that Microsoft's game business revenue has decreased by 7%(5%calculated at a fixed exchange rate). Three days later, Sony disclosed the first quarter financial report from April to June 2022. Among them, the sales of Sony Games and network service business in the quarter were 604.1 billion yen, a year -on -year decrease of 2%, while operating profit was 528 528 100 million yen, a year -on -year decrease of 37%.

Regarding the decline in game business revenue, the two sides also gave the corresponding explanation. In the same way, in this time, Microsoft and Sony did not mention in their respective financial reports, what specific contributions to the game subscription system of the two parties brought about the game revenue, but the sales of first and third -party games declined. , All are one of the reasons for the decline in their game revenue.

Amy Hood, Microsoft's chief financial officer, pointed out in the conference call of the fourth quarter that the decline in revenue of the game business meets the company's expectations. It also pointed out that the decline in Xbox content and service revenue is mainly due to the decrease in user time and insufficient monetization of first and third -party content. Regarding the subscription system, Amy Hood only mentioned that some content and service income was offset by the increase in subscriptions of XGP.

The Sony side pointed out that the first -party and first -party game sales of the game, including the additional content of the game (DLC), and the increase in game development costs of its studios, are the two major factors of revenue decline.

In response to the decline in game sales in the platform mentioned by Microsoft and Sony, Ma Axin analyzed to 21 reporters from the analyst of the interaction interoperability cultural consumer industry center, under the influence of external factors such as chips and epidemics, Microsoft and Sony's host shipments shipped The amount will be directly affected. The decrease in hardware production will inevitably affect software sales.

On the other hand, he believes that the pace of the current production of large -scale host games has further slowed down, which has also caused the two subscribing gaming library to lack fresh blood. "The recent console game 'explosion' except" Alden French Ring ", the performance of other works is relatively bland. However, you can still put expectations in this Christmas season. At that time Multi -headed IP, "he said.

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