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Sell to Tencent less than a year Sogou by the big purge: three major businesses are gone

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Less than a year after it was sold to Tencent, much of Sogou's original business has faded away. Name & throughout; .

August 12 news, Sogou search issued a notice said, has officially stopped service at 23:59 on August 8, the follow-up Sogou search App will not be able to use, and the web version of Sogou search can still continue to use, the current Sogou search App all data has been unable to access.

It is worth mentioning that as early as January this year, Sogou Search had announced that due to business adjustment, Sogou search App will be upgraded to Bingo App, the original search engine and novel service of Sogou search App will be retained after the name change, but the information flow on the home page is removed.

It's a pity that he changed his waistcoat again. Sogou APP” , and did not let Sogou search usher in new vitality.

Nowadays, Bingo App has been quietly removed from the major App stores, and it has completely quit the stage of history together with Sogou search App.

Since announcing the sale to Tencent, Sogou has shut down most of its non-core main businesses, including Sogou Map, Sogou reading, Sogou lending APP, Sogou number, etc.

In September 2021, Sogou announced the completion of the privatization deal and completed the delisting. According to the announcement, Sogou announced the completion of a merger with Tencent, becoming an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Tencent Holdings.

At almost the same time, the Sogou content open platform & LDQuo; Sogou number & throughout; The announcement said that due to the company's business adjustment platform on September 22, 2021 at 17:00 to stop operations and services.

The launch of the Sogou lending App comes just a week after Sogou was merged into Tencent. Service Suspension announcement ” Show: Sogou borrow money since October 23, 2021, due to the company's business adjustment will be suspended related services.

In May this year, Sogou map also announced the official offline, all related services are closed, enter the original domain name will jump directly to Tencent map. Soon, Sogou map App in Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and other application stores, all down, this also marks a history of more than 20 years Sogou map, so far officially quit the stage of the Chinese Internet.

卖给腾讯不到一年 搜狗遭大清洗:地图、搜索、阅读都没了

In addition, Sogou reading was also recently reported to have stopped operations.

Screenshots from users of the Black Cat complaint platform show that Sogou Reading stopped operating from 23:59 on Aug 8, 2022. According to the user complaint, Sogou read the notice after the shutdown, all users of the amount transferred to other APP members, do not agree or do not accept as automatically give up rights and interests, this compulsory behavior is not accepted.

According to public information,Sogou once had search, input method, browser and artificial intelligence four businesses.

According to the results released by Sogou, the total revenue in the second quarter of 2021 was $147.5 million, of which search and search-related revenue was $137.2 million; Other revenue was $10.3 million. According to the calculation, Sogou main search business accounted for its total revenue more than nine.

As Tencent's acquisition of Sogou eve of the last financial results, this financial data seems to be intuitive representative of Sogou's development status. It is obvious that Sogou has not been able to leave the revenue source of a single question, the company in addition to search outside the business on the cash ability is seriously insufficient.

If we say, Sogou number, Sogou borrow money, Sogou reading, Sogou map shut down, is Tencent shake off Wang Xiaochuan era & LDquo; Chicken rib business ” So now, with the official removal of Sogou search APP, Sogou once valuable business, also began to be accelerated cleaning.

Last year, when Sogou merged with Tencent, most of Sogou's business (search, browser, etc.) and its public line team will be merged into Tencent. Tencent Platform and Content Business Group (PCG) subsequently released a new organizational structure adjustment after entering Sogou, established & LDQuo; Information Platform and Service Line & RDQuo; .

Among them, QQ browser and Sogou browser become the basic support platform, search engines such as artificial intelligence and input method, become the core business.

According to media reports, Tencent watch after absorbing Sogou team, the total number of employees more than 4000 people, PCG internal staff size of the second largest business, only after OVB (online video business unit).

At the same time, PCG also became the first business group of Tencent to have more than 20,000 employees, which is five times the number of wechat business group. PCG is the most and complex business group of Tencent ToC product line, including long and short video, reading, QQ, browser, app, Sogou search, input method, information flow products.

After that, most of Sogou's business and products will be shut down, no longer operate as an independent brand, but integrated into Tencent watch.

According to Baidu encyclopedia data show, involved in the merger with Sogou Tencent watch department, do is information flow content services, mainly covering QQ watch, QQ browser watch, watch express, wechat watch small program, watch video, watch live and other products, and Sogou itself with a high degree of business integration.

Interestingly, Tencent shut down its live-streaming App last November. On July 18 this year, the Watch Express APP was also officially shut down. In addition, Tencent has put the QQ hotspot update for the small world.

At present, Tencent has kept the entrance of QQ hotspot in QQ's dynamic list, but clicking on it shows a small world. From the product form, small world and wechat video number similar, is a new QQ short video function.

From the personnel level, in May this year, the head of Tencent news Wang Shmu was transferred, intriguing is that the Tengxun network editor-in-chief He Guoshuai, deputy editor-in-chief Ma Teng and Yang Ruichun also synchronous resignation.

In addition, 36Kr reported in June that Tencent's layoffs will continue. Among the major business groups of Tencent, PCG is the hardest hit area to lay off employees in the first half of the year, the overall proportion of layoffs or more than 10%, the second half of the year will continue to lay off employees on the basis of the first half of the year, among which the proportion of layoffs in many subdivisions of PCG will even reach 40%-50%, and a few businesses will be cut overall. Some of the other BG teams are also about to perform optimizations.

Among them, Tencent News and QQ departments continue to downsize on the original basis, while Tencent News has opened a new round of layoffs ranging from 30% to 50% in multiple business departments.

To put it all together, Tencent is, to some extent, slowly getting rid of unprofitable businesses, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and still tilting strategic resources toward short video.

卖给腾讯不到一年 搜狗遭大清洗:地图、搜索、阅读都没了

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