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Douyin and Ele. me are together, Meituan, can you still sleep?

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In fact, this afternoon, the news was quite popular, that Douyin and Ele. me announced that they are together and working together. Then she saw that the stock price of Meituan trembled and fell nearly 3 points, but by the time the Hong Kong stock market closed, the price had almost risen again.

So some kids came backstage and asked me, does this mean that Meituan should be so depressed that she can't sleep at night? Isn't this Tik Tok and Ali teaming up to kill Meituan's rhythm? Eight elder sister think, you are too capable of YY, this matter is not so big significance. It's just that Douyin wants to make money from the local life, but he doesn't like the food delivery too much, so he finds an outsourced errand boy to disgust and outrun Tencent's Meituan. As for Ele. me, it is really too sad, Ali's own traffic is nearly collected, this year, Ali under the internal death orders, can not spend too much strong subsidies to buy traffic, so they have to commit to Douyin, of course, also by the way to nausea from the Ali camp escaped from Meituan.

As for Meituan, Bajie thinks that this is certainly not a good thing for Meituan, which is equivalent to giving Ele. me a new traffic portal. However, as far as I am concerned, it doesn't affect Meituan very much. After all, Douyin and Ele. me have their own agendas, and it's hard to say how long and how deep the cooperation will go. In fact, the real influence on Meituan is Douyin itself. The local life of Douyin has been rising too fast recently, and it is hard to guarantee that it will not fully impose on Meituan and cut off part of Meituan's income.

Now, without further ado, here's why I think so.

1. Why did Douyin cooperate with Ele. me instead of Meituan from Fujian?

First of all, the so-called regional brotherhood, in fact, in the big business war, is not worth mentioning. Although Wang Xing and Zhang Yiming is Fujian Longyan fellow, before the joint investment of many projects, but in the company's development and competition in front of, all want to give way, not to mention Zhang Yiming in the name of "retired". Besides, your Meituan started working with Kuaishou early, so don't blame Douyin for being with Ele. me.

Secondly, the core of the story is that Tiktok is absolutely focused on local life in order to monetize its traffic in a 360 degree way. Tiktok has been struggling with local life for a long time. Last year, Tiktok laid off staff and cities that failed to meet expectations, and this year, it is paying more attention. It has to be said that the growth of Tiktok's local life has been phenomenal. It is said that the GMV exceeded 20 billion in the first half of this year. In addition to the store, takeout Tiktok of course also want to do, anyway, are the same set of businesses, easily packaged to do. But only sell traffic Tiktok is good at, if the distribution of what, Tiktok will not play, and certainly do not want to do, dirty and tired also do not make money, figure what ah?

Then Tiktok has to go to a delivery service, Meituan, Tencent's junior partner, perched on wechat's traffic pool. What's the relationship between Douyin and Tencent? If the boss has already had a quarrel with the "sworn enemy" himself, Douyin must not cooperate with Meituan, so he has to go to Ele. me.

2. Why did Ele. me cooperate with Douyin again?

So what's behind Ele. me and Douyin's partnership? I think Alibaba must have thought twice before asking Ele. me to cooperate with Douyin. After all, Taobao's previous cooperation with Douyin also ended, and the impact of Douyin e-commerce on Alibaba is quite big.

But Ele. me and Taobao are different. Ele. me is really hard right now. Ele. me's current revenue is less than half of Meituan's, but its growth rate is lower than Meituan's. It can be said that the gap between Ele. me and Meituan is widening. And Ali system to Ele. me diversion has reached the bottleneck, there is no effect. The problem, however, is that Ele. me is also being asked internally to reduce its losses at a time when Ali is overall raising money and reducing expenditure. Mr. Zhang, for example, said, "The group is confident that Ele. me's losses will converge throughout the fiscal year."

Ele. me is indeed cutting its losses. In the second quarter, Ele. me's "local lifestyle services" segment, which accounts for the bulk of the company, posted an adjusted EBITA loss of 3.04 billion yuan, narrowing 36% from a year earlier. Still, Ele. me has a long way to go to cut its losses. Local Living Services posted an adjusted EBITA loss of 21.8 billion yuan in the fiscal year ended March 2022, according to Alibaba's financial report. Ele. Me accounted for the vast majority of the loss.

On the one hand, Ele. me is short of traffic, on the other hand, Ele. me needs to reduce its loss and reduce its loss of burning money. At this juncture, the cooperation with Douyin may be a helpless choice for Ele. me.

3. Does Meituan have trouble sleeping at night?

Bajie thinks not.

First of all, it's hard to say how effective Douyin's collaboration with Ele. me will be. After all, short videos and live streaming scenes may be suitable for business drainage and in-store consumption, but whether they are suitable for take-out has not been verified on a large scale. The demand of takeout users is often instantaneous and habitual, rather than impulsive and blindly pursuing low prices. Meituan and Kuaishou's cooperation does not seem to have caused much waves.

What's more, for Ele. me, how much loyalty and repurchase will there be for users who come through Tiktok? Douyin itself has expanded a lot of local businesses, business resources may still want to firmly in their own hands, many large businesses with their own distribution capabilities, may also be the focus of Douyin captured objects. What Douyin needs for Ele. Me may only be the distribution capacity, so how much will Douyin tilt to Ele. me?

Anyway, it's too early to say if Douyin and Ele. me are in alliance, Meituan is in danger. But there's no denying that Tiktok will be Meituan's biggest enemy in the future, as it's already aggressively attacking Meituan, at least when it comes to visible stores.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent the position of Sina.com.)

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