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The blind date app actually recharges the "bottomless hole"

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Author | Rule of Law Daily All Media Reporter & Nbsp; Fan Tianjiao & Nbsp; Intern Tang Xinyu

Source | Rule of Law Daily

Edit | Wang Fang Li Weiyi & nbsp; Luo Qi

"Your current intimacy is declining, please renew the fee as soon as possible." "The intimacy reaches 5000 to unlock the detailed contact information" ... With the "official reminder", netizens who thought "true love" continued to recharge and paid. "Sweet trap".

The reporter of the "rule of law" recently learned from the Hefei City Public Security Bureau of Anhui Province that the local police lasted for more than 3 months and moved to more than 60 cities in 23 provinces. , Frozen funds of more than 50 million yuan, the fraud gang was destroyed by the entire chain.

  "Dating Dating" first recharge and chat

In March of this year, the criminal police team of the Yaohai Branch of Hefei City Public Security Bureau received a report from Zhou, saying that he was scammed in a relatives' dating mobile phone software.

According to Zhou's memories, when he read the novel on his mobile phone, he inadvertently attracted the pop -up software advertisement that was popped up. After clicking, he jumped directly to the mobile app store. Try the mentality and click to download. After the automatic registration is successful, it really has a variety of "beautiful women" as an advertising introduction. Since then, Zhou has started "network blind date".

Among the many "beauties", Zhou had a strong interest in a woman who claimed to live in Hefei. But without a few words, the system prompts that if you want to continue chat, you must recharge the gold coins.

Zhou said that he had suspicion at that time, but the other party said that she was the same, and he could chat with recharge. After confirming with the customer service, Zhou put down his concerns and started recharging the first money.

As the chat gradually deepened, Zhou used to chat with the "blind date" and the video of the video. Whenever he wanted to get the other party's contact information, he would always be blocked by the system as "intimacy". Zhou, who was stunned by "love", didn't want to start recharging again. When the amount of recharge meets the requirements, when the contact information is required, the other party always seizes the past. At this time, Zhou had recharged more than 27,000 yuan before and after, and then realized that he might be fooled.

There are many victims like Zhou. Police investigations found that many victims had already been trapped in the quagmire, and even the victims invested hundreds of thousands of yuan through online loans to win a smile for the so -called "goddess".

  Recruit a sweet trap under the "chatter" cloth

After receiving the police, the Yaohai Branch immediately launched the work mechanism of the "One Case, One Research", and quickly locked the "chatter" far away from Shaanxi Province. Anchor) New telecommunications network fraud gang composed of members.

After investigation, the software developer Xu and Wu were a couple. They designed the blind date app for software programming and the purpose of profit -making. "Overnote", implement marriage fraud. The offline agent company took low returns as a bait, and widely recruited chatrs across the country to participate in fraud.

In order to further expand the scale, on the one hand, the agency will allow the chatter to draw the surrounding people to join and obtain the sharing, thereby forming a huge illegal and criminal relationship network. On the other hand, they will also advertise to male users through various platforms for precise drainage.

Police handling the case told reporters that the gang set up a layered "intimate" mechanism. At the beginning of making friends, the text chat in the APP needs to be charged according to it. If you want to video chat, you need to recharge more "gold coins". The value of the "gold coin" is related to "intimacy". The more consumption, the higher the "intimacy". Before the "intimacy" without reaching the 5000 index, the two of them send phone numbers and social software accounts and other personal information will be automatically blocked by the system. Only the "intimacy" of the 5000 index can be obtained. connect. The "intimacy" to reach the 5000 index costs 5,000 yuan.

In addition, the recruited chatter follows the existing remarks, lied that the family members were urgently needed to use money for gifts, or to seduce the victims for reasons for the reason for offline meetings. Some chatters will even set up more than 20 mobile phones in order to be able to cheat more funds, and create multiple accounts and chat with multiple victims.

Cross -provincial arrest and destroy criminal chain

When the time is mature, the Yaohai Branch organized a project police to go to more than 60 cities in 23 provinces with the support and cooperation of the higher -level public security organs and relevant police sectors.

The police handling the case told reporters that these gang members have a high awareness of anti -investigation. The company will conduct simple training on chatters. Facing the police's words when they face the police, they will also ask the chatters to clean up the relevant chat history and transfer records in an attempt to hinder the police investigation.

After more than three months of in -depth investigation and meticulous deployment, the Yaohai Branch captured more than 470 suspects, seized more than 70 computers, more than 200 mobile phones, and frozen funds of more than 50 million yuan. The criminal gang achieved accurate full -chain blows. At present, the "Dating Dating" software has stopped operation and the case is still under investigation.

The police handling the case reminded that when making friends on the Internet, if the other party is extremely enthusiastic and the time of contact is very short, they are required to determine the "love relationship", or propose to "recharge, brush gifts, play the list" on the platform, and Those who ask for remittances should be kept in mind. Do not easily believe in each other's commitments. Do not be moved by "sweet words" and fall into the "gentle trap".

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