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Why are young people using cash again? The reason is this, early know early benefit

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In the era of booming Internet, people's payment methods have become diversified. Now when people go out, they will not carry cash, but use wechat, Alipay and other ways to pay, which makes daily life a lot more convenient. However, some elderly people still use cash because they can't use smart devices.

But in real life, some survey found that in today's booming Internet era, many young people are starting to pay in cash again. A lot of people started to talk about, why does this happen? In view of this situation, insiders say behind the reason, early know early benefit.

First, the experience brought by electronic payment

I believe we all have such a feeling that money does not go well. In fact, in addition to the depreciation of currency caused by inflation, the main reason is the prevailing electronic payment. In the past, people are used to pay in cash, looking at the hands of the money from thick to thin process, the heart will inevitably produce a feeling of heartache.

But now the electronic payment, for many people are just a number, just click the finger, the money is gone. Although this way of consumption is very convenient, the consumption habits it brings are very serious. Because you don't know exactly how much money you have left.

In retrospect, people can have fun by counting money, because they can personally feel the money is increasing. Now that many people only check their balance once a week or once a month, this kind of senseless spending can leave them empty of money.

Secondly, the price of online shopping is generally set at 9.9 yuan, 19.9 yuan and so on. This kind of price will make consumers think that the price is not expensive in disguise, and it is easy to arouse consumers' desire to buy. But in fact, many times, after buying back, will feel regret for their behavior. This is also the main reason why money is not spent.

In addition, it is now popular to carry goods, as well as over-consumption, because product prices are far from the market price, with a small amount of money to buy a lot of things. Although it seems to be a good deal, many young people will choose to buy it whether they use it or not, which also makes many people form the habit of overspending.

In the past, when I used to buy things with cash, I would choose carefully to buy snacks in the supermarket, not to mention buying things like clothes and bags. Because I saw the cash I just took out from the bank, it would be hard to avoid some heartache. Therefore, many people will choose to curb their consumption desire, reduce the purchase of unnecessary things, to achieve the effect of frugality.

Why are young people using cash again?

Now many young people are turning to cash again, mainly because people are aware of the disadvantages of using electronic payment. Although electronic payment makes life convenient, it is easy for people to lose themselves due to excessive consumption and excessive consumption desire. Therefore, the use of cash can help young people avoid bad habits such as reckless spending and overspending, and at the same time develop good habits of saving money.

And when you have a deposit in your hand, you can also make the money generate more money through financial management. In today's market, compared with stable financial management methods such as bank savings, savings Treasury bonds, monetary funds, etc., and both in line with the general trend, safe model and stable profit of foreign trade economic platform consignment, cycle as short as 30 days, profit can reach 1%, etc., reasonable allocation of income are considerable.

In a word, I believe that after reading the above content, many people are clear about the advantages and disadvantages of electronic payment, as well as the advantages of using cash. As for whether to use cash or electronic payment in the future, you can make the right choice according to your own comprehensive situation. Finally, I want to know, which payment method will you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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