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DLSS 3 blessing RTX 4090 Play 8K 60FPS game without pressure

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At the GTC conference on the evening of September 20, NVIDIA not only released a new RTX & Nbsp; 40 series graphics card, but also updated iterations on DLSS technology.The official launch of DLSS & NBSP; 3 technology, but this new technology will be available on October 12 with the listing of & nbsp; GeForce & Nbsp; RTX & NBSP; 4090.

DLSS is referred to as deep learning super sampling technology. It is based on GeForce & Nbsp; RTX graphics card to accelerate, and through deep learning and calculations, the 1080P game screen is rendered into higher resolution picture quality, thereby avoiding the direct rendering of the graphics card to render 4K The performance pressure brought by native image quality. Through this operation, the game can significantly improve the frame rate, and the picture quality effect is almost unchanged.

DLSS 3加持 RTX 4090畅玩8K 60FPS游戏无压力

And DLSS & Nbsp; 3 uses optical multi -frame generating technology, and uses the fourth -generation Tensor & nbsp; core and RTX & nbsp; 40 series graphics cards to drive more frames with AI to achieve double improvement performance. The frame can be achieved. While the number is further improved, it will not affect the picture quality and response speed.

DLSS 3加持 RTX 4090畅玩8K 60FPS游戏无压力

Recently, in the latest video, foreign media Digital & nbsp; Foundry briefly previewed the first test of RTX & nbsp; 4090.The "Spider -Man: Repeated Edition" and "Cyberpunk 2077" under the next -generation DLSS & nbsp; 3 are displayed in RTX & nbsp; 4090.

in, RTX & Nbsp; 4090 opens ultra -high -picture quality, ultra -high -light pursuit, and DLSS balance file. The 8K resolution can still run stably at 60FPS.

In "Cyberpunk 2077", the new gear of PSYCHO & Nbsp; RT, RTX & Nbsp; 4090 graphics card can run 4K & Nbsp; 120FPS. It seems that the opening of DLSS & nbsp; 3 at the press conference "Cyber Punk & Nbsp; 2077" after the & nbsp; 22 frames leaping to more than 90 frames without deception.

DLSS 3加持 RTX 4090畅玩8K 60FPS游戏无压力

In the test, i9-12900K+RTX & NBSP; 4090+DLSS & Nbsp; 3 Compared to i9-12900K+RTX & NBSP; 3090 & nbsp; Ti+DLSS & NBSP; 2, the number of game frames was 2.47 times that of the former.

DLSS 3加持 RTX 4090畅玩8K 60FPS游戏无压力

And in the actual measurement, in some scenarios, using the same RTX & nbsp; 4090 graphics card, turn on DLSS & nbsp;Open DLSS & nbsp; 3 frame performances after 3 can achieve nearly 4 times the native. It seems that Lao Huang said that DLSS & nbsp; 3 to improve 4x gaming performance is true.

DLSS 3加持 RTX 4090畅玩8K 60FPS游戏无压力

In addition, at Lao Huang's press conference, another game was also tested, "Microsoft simulated flight". The scene of this game was reconstructed by 1: 1 throughout the earth, and the rendering pressure was very high.

There are only 53 frames before the DLSS, and after opening DLSS & Nbsp; 3, the number of frames is doubled, and the 107 frames are close to the e -sports level. From the test results above, we can see that DLSS & Nbsp; 3 technology improves the performance of the game.

DLSS 3加持 RTX 4090畅玩8K 60FPS游戏无压力

In addition, more than 35 games and applications announced that they are about to support DLSS & NBSP; 3, and the technology will also support the world's hottest game engine & mdash; & mdash; unity and illusory engine.

DLSS 3加持 RTX 4090畅玩8K 60FPS游戏无压力

Editor's comment:

DLSS & nbsp; 3 technology, even if players do not have a strong CPU, this technology can also improve the frame rate of the game through this technology.

However, according to the engineer of Nivdia, DLSS & Nbsp; 3 technology theoretically supports RTX & NBSP; 20/30 series graphics cards, but because the new technology depends on RTX & Nbsp; 40 series of unique light flow accelerators, the use effect on the old graphics card is not as expected as expected as expected Essence

And there are not many games that support DLSS & nbsp; 3. There is no need to start with RTX & Nbsp; 40 series graphics cards because of DLSS & nbsp; 3.

DLSS 3加持 RTX 4090畅玩8K 60FPS游戏无压力

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