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Why is it popular to eliminate 32-bit and 64-bit apps? Four key reasons

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I don't know if you have encountered a similar situation, that is, when a software has not been used for a long time, if it is not updated, there is no way to use, only forced update can be normal experience.

What's more, today's apps are getting more and more updated. In addition, a lot of data will be generated in the process of using the apps, which also leads to the increasing pressure of the mobile phone products themselves, and even the normal use experience is impossible.

The good news is that 64-bit apps are once again coming out of the mobile market, which could be a huge improvement in the mobile user experience.

淘汰32位 64位应用为什么被推崇?四点原因很关键

It is understood that the gold standard alliance issued. Gold Standard Alliance 64 bit Adaptation time node Important Notice (2) & RDquo; , the notice said that OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi and other major app stores will further implement the 32-bit app update package restriction policy.

As of October 1, 2022, applications other than games will no longer be allowed to update 32-bit application packages individually, but can support compatible or dual package updates. At the same time, as of December 1, 2022, game applications will no longer be allowed to update 32-bit packages individually, but must support compatible or dual package updates.

So why all the hype around 64-bit apps? Faced with this problem, I think there are four reasons that are really critical and very true.

淘汰32位 64位应用为什么被推崇?四点原因很关键

Most of the current mobile processors use ARM's latest generation of Cortex-X2 supercore, Cortex-A710 large core, and Cortex-A510 small core CPU architectures.

In practice, however, only the Cortex-A710 core is compatible with 32-bit applications. When the phone is running 32-bit applications, it is limited to the Cortex-A710 core, and the rest of the core does not move.

While 64-bit apps are more core compatible, have lower latency data throughput, and better memory scheduling, it's not surprising that vendors are speeding up their push speeds.

淘汰32位 64位应用为什么被推崇?四点原因很关键

The second point: battery life experience will be greatly improved. I have to say that there are many new computers with very large battery capacity. However, from the actual experience, the previous 4000mAh battery capacity can last for a day, while the 5000mAh battery capacity is the same.

In addition to upgrading to 64-bit apps, the battery life of the phone will be significantly improved, and running 64-bit apps will get the best of the native performance, resulting in a better experience.

In other words, the overall battery life of handsets in the mobile market is expected to improve significantly after most manufacturers adopt 64-bit applications.

淘汰32位 64位应用为什么被推崇?四点原因很关键

Third point: Stronger performance It is important to know that the core advantage is the improved software performance, which can achieve faster running speed, lower latency data throughput and faster user response, and also better schedule memory usage to bring better use experience.

And the previous Google also launched AAB format, is to better solve the fragmentation of Android, different versions, different models need different code, resulting in the problem of large APK size.

That said, with all the new changes in the application, coupled with the optimization capabilities of the phone manufacturers, the consumer experience will naturally become more powerful.

淘汰32位 64位应用为什么被推崇?四点原因很关键

The fourth point: the trend of The Times now most mainstream manufacturers are using 64-bit applications, on the one hand, it is enough to give power, and compared with 32-bit apps can only call 4GB memory, 64-bit apps can call larger memory, and support and support dynamic memory allocation.

On the other hand, 64-bit CPU, 64-bit system, 64-bit APP, these three together, can give full play to the maximum performance of the mobile phone.

So, 64-bit apps are really tough, which is one of the key reasons why it's being mentioned again.

淘汰32位 64位应用为什么被推崇?四点原因很关键

All in all, 32-bit as an early open format for apps should have been phased out a long time ago, and the next 64-bit apps are where the real focus should be.

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