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"GTA6" was stolen by a hacker without being released. How can the game company defend the source code?

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21st Century Economic Herald reporter Cai Yueyue, intern revenge Shuang Shanghai report

Recently, a game source leak accident has aroused great attention in the industry.

On September 18th, a large number of information in the American game company Rockstar Games (hereinafter referred to as "R Star") was leaked in the game "Grand Theft Auto 6" (hereinafter referred to as "GTA6"). The leaked TeaPotuberhacker released more than 90 segments, a total of 3.4GB of "GTA6" video clips, and nearly 10,000 lines of source code in the overseas forum.

Subsequently, R Star announced that it was indeed invaded by the Internet and said that hackers illegally visited and downloaded confidential information, which included early development videos of "GTA6". However, R Star said that the incident would not interfere with the online service of R Star Games, nor did it have a long -term impact on the development of "GTA6".

The latest news shows that a 17 -year -old British boy was considered a criminal suspect who attacked GTA6 and was now arrested by the London police and appeared in court. It is reported that the teenager is a member of Lapsus $ hacker organization that has attacked large companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, Uber.

 Leakage crisis

For R Star, this leak can be called the worst game security crisis since the establishment of the company. The incident occurred the next day, the stock price of the R-Star parent company and the American game publisher TAKE-TWO once fell 5.79%.

The game was stolen by hackers before the launch of the game, which is the dilemma that many game companies at home and abroad have always faced.

As early as 2003, the unprecedented version of the American game developer Valve (ie, "V Club") was leaked by hackers, which caused the game that was originally scheduled to be released on September 30, so After jumping, after rewriting, the game was not officially released until April of the following year.

In 2011, one month before the release of "Lone Island Crisis 2", the leaky version of up to 6G appeared on the Internet. This version can not only be played normally, but also has a high degree of completion. The incident brings huge losses to the game developer Crytek, but also sounds alarm clock to all game providers. The confidentiality of the game source code has been paid attention to again.

 Why is the game industry leaking incidents frequently?

In an interview with the 21st Century Business Herald, the game industry analyst Zhang Shule analyzed that on the one hand, the game industry is a "gold mine" with strong profitability. Source code ransom game company, or or selling profit on its own, may obtain huge profits. On the other hand, even if the incident is issued, the legal punishment that the leaked may be subject to is also preferred to civil. For hackers, comparison of huge interests and less serious punishments, the driver of interest is even more afraid.

After the influence of the source code was stolen, Zhang Shule pointed out that the degree of completion of the source code will directly determine the possibility of the game being pirated. Once the piracy will be pirated, the sales of genuine games will be dived. At the same time, once the source code is made public, it may be "magic reform" by various users, and its results have two sides. "If the" Destroyer "(" Doom "), which actively opens the source code, has obtained a stronger vitality and continuous brand appeal under the reform of the folk magic, but a large number of" Legend "leaked from the source code appears, and a large number of occurred, a large number of occurred, a large number of occurrences appeared in large numbers. The plug -in and private server has led to this IP's constant lawsuits so far and the income are invisibly cut. "He said.

Many pre -cars have made many players worry about whether the game production can continue after the "GTA6" leakage.

However, Bernestein analyst Matti Littunen pointed out that the potential loss caused by the incident to R star is limited. "We have noticed that investors' expectations for GTA6 will be transferred from fiscal year to fiscal year in 2025, and no content in the report shows that the game is close to preparing. You can't draw a lot of conclusions on the current development status or potential release date of the game. "He said.

Defending battle

Protecting the content of the game has gradually become an important issue for game companies. In the process of fighting with hackers, game companies are constantly improving the security mechanism.

At the annual shareholders' meeting held in Nintendo in June this year, a variety of game source code such as "Super Mario World", "The Legend of Zelda: The Triangle Power of the Gods", "Mario 64" was leaked. , Nintendo responded that the company has introduced intelligence security management mechanisms.

After R Star was hacked, 21 reporters noticed that it updated the recruitment position of security investigation analysts on the official website on September 23. R Star hopes to invite open source intelligent experts and investigation, monitoring and reporting experts to join this post. The post description and responsibility also wrote that the post "not only must be responsible for investigation of the department, but also involves personal inspections of the department and employees to prevent the leak." At the same time, candidates need to monitor potential threats, assist in investigations, and respond to "emergency status and safety accidents."

Third -party suppliers leaked, etc., game companies should strengthen the protection of source code in all aspects.

"On the one hand, game companies need to strengthen employee management. In addition to taking confidentiality measures and signing confidentiality agreements, they also respond to" source code "and their carriers for distinction. On the other hand The supplier must make a complete due diligence and sign a detailed confidentiality agreement before, "he said.

Zhu Junchao further pointed out that during the development of the game, the game company also needs to fix the rights and properly in time to register for copyright. "Games are a typical composite work. In addition to procedures, it also includes a variety of elements such as art, music, and storyline. It is necessary for game companies to register for rights for all copyright elements, or to fix the evidence of prior rights in order Precautions before. "

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