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SONY's new PS5 is more to look forward to! Smaller and thinner shapes change dramatically

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In late 2020, SONY released the Playstation 5, the next generation of the game console. Since its release, the overhaul of its appearance has been controversial, especially the asymmetric design of the optical drive version, which has caused many players to laugh.

Now, two years later, gamers have been hoping for a lighter, thinner version from SONY. Judging by the news so far, players' expectations may be coming true.

Since its launch, SONY has been rolling out revamped PS5 models, including fan changes and even processor changes.The current version, CFI-1202, is powered by a chip code-named Oberon Plus, also semi-custom from SONY to AMD.

The biggest change is that the manufacturing process has changed from the original TSMC 7nm process to 6nm process,This reduces the area of the chip from 300mm2m to less than 260mm2, theoretically enabling lower power consumption and better heat dissipation.

In fact, the new version of the PS5 not only upgrades the internal structure, including a new motherboard and a smaller and lighter radiator. While using the 6nm process, both have the same design and no changes have been made to the processor configuration, including the API. That said, neither the underlying Zen2 CPU nor the RDNA2 GPU part has changed.

So SONY's strategy has always been to tinker, but now it's time for a half-generation update. In the last generation,SONY introduced the Slim and the Pro on the PS4,As long as the PS5 is capable enough, gamers will naturally expect the Slimmer version.

索尼明年发新款PS5:更小更薄 造型变化巨大

While SONY's current version is a big improvement in size and weight, gamers aren't exactly happy with it.

Compared to the PS4, the PS5 has a lot less portability, making it very inconvenient to carry around with you.While SONY has been working to reduce the size and weight of the PS5, the current case design greatly limits further reduction and overall size and weight reduction.

And the latest news shows that next year's launch of PS5 will usher in a huge change in appearance, the new PS5 will focus on thin and light, not only in the game mold to reduce processing, even in the internal structure has also been adjusted. This means the new PS5 can operate at lower voltages, allowing for lighter weight and lower temperatures.

Part of the reason for SONY's downsizing is to reduce the packaging size of the product, and it also wants the new PS5 to be able to lay flat without a stand, which hints at a complete redesign.

Smaller fuselage, lighter weight and lighter packaging not only meet the expectations of users, but also reduce the cost of transportation, after all, smaller packaging means that more machines can be loaded in one shipment.

索尼明年发新款PS5:更小更薄 造型变化巨大

SONY is also considering making the optical drive detachable, so that users can decide whether they want an optical drive when they buy the console itself, as well as making it easier to design the console.

For players, this approach is undoubtedly more in line with the interests of players, after all, not all players need the CD-ROM version of the console, and not all the users who buy the digital version of the player have no need for CD-ROM drive.

Those who have previously purchased the digital version and found that they need an optical drive will have to buy a new one. If SONY does introduce a detachable optical drive, the cost of trial and error will be greatly reduced, and users will be able to decide whether to buy an external optical drive or not according to their own needs.

However, some industry insiders say that although SONY will introduce a slimmer PS5, it is more likely to be a half-generation updated PS5 Pro rather than a Slim version.

索尼明年发新款PS5:更小更薄 造型变化巨大

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