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Flavor is "technology and hard work"? Don't worry about it!

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In recent years, Science and technology and hard work; It has become a hot topic of discussion after dinner, the storm in the field of food safety again, the problem of food additives has become the focus of attention, many people also pay attention to the product ingredients outside the table.

But the list of ingredients is dizzyingly crowded with nouns, and there are general names like flavors and flavors that are more mysterious than other specific food additives.

食用香精都是“科技与狠活”?别紧张 一文带你了解!

Some consumers are instinctually the food flavor and toxic substances on the painting is equal to the number, so oppose, reject, reject all food containing food flavor, food flavor.

In fact, food flavor, food flavor is not terrible, is widely used in food, often seen in all kinds of food ingredients, today we uncover the secret of food flavor and food spices for you.

What is food flavor, food essence?

Food flavor and food flavor are in order to improve the flavor of food and add flavor substances, the two only a word difference, but the difference is relatively large.

According to the National Standard for Food Safety — General Principles for Food Spices (GB 29938),Food spices are substances added to food products to produce, modify or enhance flavor

Food spices are generally prepared into food flavor and used to add flavor to food, some food spices can also be directly used to add flavor to food.

In addition to the spices directly used in food, some other spices such as toothpaste spices, tobacco spices, oral cleansers, internal medicine spices, etc., can also be seen as edible spices in a broad sense.

Edible spices can be divided into two categories: permitted and temporarily permitted. According to different sources, they can be divided into natural and artificial flavors.

At present, 534 kinds of edible spices are allowed in China, including 137 kinds of natural flavors and 397 kinds of artificial flavors. There are 157 spices that are temporarily allowed.

The food flavor is an upgraded version of the flavor produced under the background of the development of modern technology and the need to improve food flavor, "National Standard for Food Safety — Food Flavor" (GB30616), definedFood flavor is a concentrated mixture composed of food flavor and food flavor accessories used to play the role of aroma

Food flavor can be divided into liquid type, powder type and emulsified flavor according to the dosage form, and can also be divided into thermal reaction type, blended type, oxidation type, fermentation type and enzymolysis type flavor according to the source of fragrance material.

There are many kinds of flavor, widely used, more common meat flavor, fruit flavor, etc., in dairy products, beverages, meat products, seasonings, candy and other food is more common.

Food flavors and flavorsIs it a food additive?

Food flavors and flavors are food additivesTheir use should comply with the provisions of the "National Standards for Food Safety — Standard for the Use of Food Additives" (GB2760).

Only after the safety evaluation will not cause harm to the health of consumers, and in the process of food processing is necessary to use the substance as a food additive!

Legal food additives, used within the limits set by the state, can be considered to be long-term consumption will not be harmful to healthAnd illegal use of food additives, excessive use of food additives are illegal behavior.

At the same time, special national food safety standards have been established for edible essence and edible spice. As we all know, food safety standards are enforced standards.

With the escort of these standards can further regulate the production and operation behavior of enterprises and ensure the food safety of consumers.

How to read the ingredients list?

When we buy the corresponding food, we must go to the regular shopping malls and supermarkets to buy food produced by standard manufacturers; Secondly, when buying food, look good at the food Chinese label ingredients list and other important information, refuse to buy three no food.

According to the National Standard for Food Safety and General Principles for the Label of Pre-Packaged Food (GB7718), when food flavors and fragrances are added to food, the specific names of flavors and fragrances are not required, but only the specific names can be marked. Food essence ” , & other Edible spices. Or & other Food flavors and fragrances. .

Food flavor excipients added in the manufacture or processing of food flavors. Flavor excipients for food. The logo.

Sweeteners, colorants, caffeine and other food additives added in food flavors shall be labeled with specific names in accordance with the product quality specifications and standards for food additives and the provisions in the food additives approved for use by the competent authorities of the State.

Therefore, when we buy food, we should not be overly worried about the simple labeling of food flavor or flavor. As long as these flavors are added and used in the production process, they are generally safe.

食用香精都是“科技与狠活”?别紧张 一文带你了解!

The production of food additives in our country adopts the strict licensing system, the safe and reliable food additives will be approved for production and use, therefore, the food additives themselves are safe. Consumers should actively safeguard their legitimate rights and interests if they find that food production and marketing enterprises use food additives beyond the scope or in excessive amounts.

食用香精都是“科技与狠活”?别紧张 一文带你了解!

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