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No wonder people still don't buy TV when the price is down

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According to the online monitoring data of AVC, in 2022 China's color TV Double 11 promotion phase,The retail volume of online market was 3.931 million units, down 6.9% year on year; The scale of retail sales was 10.53 billion yuan, down 9.7% year on year, and TV sales did not increase due to the big boost of the Double 11 shopping festival.

It is worth mentioning that in the past year, due to the sharp decline in panel prices, the price of TV has dropped dramatically, with 85-inch TV falling below 4000 yuan and 75-inch TV falling below 3000 yuan. This kind of price was unimaginable before, but why did such a sudden price drop fail to attract consumers? I've come up with a few reasons.

电视跌成白菜价大家还是不买 原因有五点

Mobile phones become the core of entertainment life TV entertainment use rate is even lower than computer

Mobile phone has become an indispensable tool of life entertainment for contemporary people. Human's pursuit of entertainment will never disappear, but the bearer and transmission media of entertainment are constantly changing, from books to radio to television to mobile phone. It has to be said that television is indeed out of date.

And cell phones becauseSmall size, easy to carry, as opposed to televisionEasier to operate, which makes it easier for users to catch up on TV shows anytime and anywhere, leading to a sharp decline in TV viewing time.

However, it is worth mentioning that compared with mobile phones, TV's large screen size and home communication properties are still irreplaceable.

Content pay to persuade some users to withdraw TV screen members three most expensive end

One of the main reasons why no one watches TV is that it's cheap, but the content is expensive, and when you turn on a movie or a TV show for five minutes, you're charged for it.

And Aiyouteng film and television APP basically covers domestic mainstream film and television resources, but unfortunatelyTV memberships are more expensive than mobile and PC memberships.

电视跌成白菜价大家却都不买 原因有五点

On iQiyi, for example, the annual price of a prime membership for mobile phones, tablets and computers is 98 yuan, but with the addition of a TV, the price becomes 248 yuan.The price has more than doubled

248 yuan per year is not expensive, but there are two problems for users.First of all,There are popular independent broadcasting resources on all major platforms. To watch them all, each platform needs to open a membership.In additionThe price difference of more than one times is not easy for users to accept psychologically.

Since we can't enjoy affordable film and television resources, it is better for young people who rely more on mobile phonesIt is more cost-effective to recharge 98 yuan directly and watch it on a mobile phone.

The TV system is less open than the mobile phone and it's not as interactive or playable

Modern people cannot live without interaction, and the interactive experience of TV is the worst among the many devices. After all, it is really difficult to achieve high speed remote control operation, and the ecology of TV itself is not developed for strong interaction. At the same time, the TV system is more closed, and it is more inconvenient for young people to play around.

As opposed toTV, mobile phone touch, computer mouse and keyboard, more easily reach the needs of users. Although the TV has added the voice control function, from the current application, most people still do not want to speak to the remote control, and the speed of voice recognition is much slower than the feedback speed of mobile phones and computers.

Young people live busy work play time fragmentation short video replace long video

9 to 5 is pretty much the norm for young people these days, and many people don't have it yet, so even though there's a lot of TV,It is also rare for young people to devote hours to sitting down and watching a TV show.

Replacing the television, a slower video playback toolMobile phones and short videos, as well as mobile video apps,These tools can be opened anytime and anywhere to watch, and are more suitable for fast-paced viewing experience, and can better fill the fragmented time of young people crowded in the subway and bus.

Most young people do not own their own homes and stable accommodation. The rigidity of television is not even as good as the projector

It is false to say that young people have no demand for large screens. In any era, people are willing to pursue more extreme picture perception. But there is a very real problem. TV purchases are often inseparable from home ownership.

In the face of high housing prices and today's more free working environment, most young people do not have their own homes, and even move every year often exists.

So based on these considerations, few young people want to carry around a 70-inch TV, relatively speaking, somePortable projectors are more appealing to modern youth

电视跌成白菜价大家还是不买 原因有五点

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