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China's growing presence in the global high-tech sector is unacceptable to the US

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The competition in the global science and technology field has become increasingly fierce, especially in the context of the current difficulties in the development of global science and technology. On the whole, global scientific and technological innovation has encountered a bottleneck. Disruptive scientific and technological innovation achievements have become difficult to emerge, and human development has encountered a bottleneck. This time, global science and technology is facing a bottleneck, and the contribution of science and technology to social productive forces is difficult to make a major breakthrough. The United States bears a great responsibility. After reaching the peak of history and gaining hegemony in the field of science and technology, the United States began to have a rigid mentality and was not willing to promote the development of global science and technology with an open mind. The United States is afraid that the technological development of other countries will affect the dominance of the United States, which will cause the United States to lose the opportunity to use technology to reap the wealth of other countries, so it adopts a conservative and fixed strategy on many issues. The United States has lost its youthful energy and self-confidence in the field of science and technology, always looking at every competitor differently. The US has started to crack down on every potential competitor, even at the cost of undermining the benign global cooperation in the field of science and technology.

However, the general trend and law of history tell us that no country can maintain its scientific and technological supremacy for a long time by blocking and suppressing, nor can any country impede its scientific and technological progress by blocking and suppressing. According to a report released by a US business think tank, the US has escalated its crackdown on Chinese technology companies, even breaking the rules to directly cut off the supply of Huawei chips, which is absolutely a typical extreme case. American think tanks point out that China's growing presence in the global scientific and technological field is unacceptable to the United States, so it has taken strict measures to block and suppress China. Indeed, the analysis of US think tanks is reasonable. The US has cracked down on Chinese technology companies in all aspects, and even resorted to such extreme measures as cutting off chip supply, because the US cannot accept China's increased voice in the high-tech field. The U.S. is not comfortable with Huawei's involvement in 5G standards and the fact that it has overtaken Apple in the mobile phone business.

Despite all the efforts of the US to crack down on Chinese technology, this has not stopped China from moving forward. Chinese companies have further strengthened their presence in the global high-tech sector despite the frantic blockade and crackdown by Western countries led by the United States, according to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, which surveyed the global market shares of major products and services in 2021. The survey results of Japanese media show that in the market comparison of the final products, services, core parts and materials of 56 categories in the global high-tech field, China's influence is constantly improving, and China has begun to have its own voice in some fields. According to a Japanese media survey, 13 out of 28 major high-tech products, including final products such as battery electric vehicles (EV) and smartphones, have seen China expand its share and competitive advantage. Of the 56 categories in the survey, 32 were among the top five in terms of market share, with 21 of them increasing their market share.

According to the Japanese media survey, China leads the world in 15 out of 56 category markets, far more than Japan's 7, and only second to the United States' 18, which reflects China's growing huge influence. The Japanese media pointed out that in a large number of high-tech fields, Western countries led by the United States have implemented all-round oppression on China, but this oppression has stimulated China's fighting spirit and has not stopped the progress of China's science and technology at all. According to the Japanese media, although the United States and Western countries do not want to see China's growing presence in the high-tech field, they cannot prevent such a situation from becoming a reality. Us think tanks have pointed out the real reason for the US clampdown on China, and US Commerce Department officials have previously made similar statements, saying that the US allows China to produce more low-end products, but it just cannot accept that China has a place in high-end manufacturing. American experts also point out that high-end manufacturing, especially high technology, is the chip of the United States to dominate the global wealth distribution pattern, which is the reason why the United States does not allow China to increase its voice.

In fact, not only the 56 categories surveyed by Japanese media, but also more technological fields in which China has begun to have its own place. There is no denying that Chinese science and technology still has a lot of difficulties to overcome and faces a lot of risks and challenges on the journey of entering the first camp. But as long as we do our own things well and make steady progress, no one can stop us from moving forward. As the US think tank has pointed out before, the technological suppression and blockade against China will, on the contrary, make China abandon its illusions and firmly embark on the road of independent exploration. In many fields, such as space station, manned spaceflight, deep-sea exploration, new engines and new materials, China has started to strike out its own unique path and is moving steadily in the right direction. China has been a laggard in cars, but in electric cars it has managed to overtake on corners, something that the West has never imagined.

In the application of modern science and technology such as artificial intelligence, China is at the forefront of the world and has become the most capable place in the world to attract talents. In recent months alone, thousands of Chinese scientists working in the United States have chosen to return home and dedicate their talents to their homeland. Not only are Chinese scientists returning in large numbers, but a large number of scientists and engineers from Japan are also seeing China as an important talent destination. American scientists have also begun to choose to work in Chinese enterprises to realize their talents, which shows that China's scientific research environment has caught up with or even surpassed the United States. Scientists and engineers from Eastern Europe, Russia and other places see China as an important work destination.

China has begun to have a talent aggregation advantage that it didn't have in the past. The trend of brain drain in science and technology in China has been reversed. It is true that the United States does not want China to achieve rapid development in the field of science and technology, and they are trying to suppress China by all means, but it is obviously not successful. We have made great progress in the field of science and technology, but we are far from being proud. We must continue to be humble and work hard, because we still have a long way to go to stand at the top of the world in the field of science and technology, and this is the most difficult road. The trend of the development of The Times is good for China. We have ushered in the excellent opportunity, but only by hard work can we grasp the opportunity and climb to a higher peak.

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