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Stone molecular sieve washing and drying machine H1 release: breaking the technical ceiling of the washing and drying industry

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On February 24th, Stone Science and Technology officially launched the stone molecular sieve washing and drying machine H1, which refreshes the technical ceiling of the washing and drying industry with the third drying technology in the industry & mdash;— molecular sieve low temperature drying technology, which can not only be worn directly, but also can better protect clothes because of the unique advantage of low temperature drying.

According to officials, the molecular sieve low-temperature drying technology has been developed and precipitated by stone technology for many years and introduced into the home washing and drying scene for the first time, and it has been certified by the third-party authoritative testing organization.

It is different from condensation drying and heat pump drying & the third drying technology of ldquo; & rdquoStone H1 has also become the first integrated washing and drying machine product with wool and silk washing and drying certification in the industry.


It is reported that the low temperature drying technology of molecular sieve is completely different from similar products on the market.Relying on the adsorption unit molecular sieve black technology and double-cycle air path, low-temperature drying can be achieved without the participation of active heat sources, which can be said to be a subversive innovation.

Relying on the adsorption unit molecular sieve black technology and double-cycle air path, low-temperature drying can be achieved without the participation of active heat sources, which can be said to be a subversive innovation.

After 36 months of research and development, Stone Technology has developed a molecular sieve module with excellent hydrophilicity. The molecular sieve is arranged into corrugated layers and superimposed to form a turntable with honeycomb channels, with an adsorption area equivalent to 45 football fields (& asymp; 288000 square meters).


Stone Science and Technology has also developed a dual-cycle air system. The first way is to dry the air path, and the molecular sieve quickly absorbs water from the clothes. The second way is the reduction air path, in which the water is discharged from the molecular sieve, and the water absorption capacity of the molecular sieve is restored.

The two air paths circulate continuously, drying clothes quickly, and there is no active heat source involved in the drying air path, which really realizes low-temperature drying.

And through low-temperature drying, warm air circulation can maximize the protection of fabric fiber activity, even wool material is not afraid of shrinkage, silk material does not have to worry about fading.

For the washing and drying all-in-one machine, in addition to the drying ability, washing ability, intelligent degree, personalized demand, cleaning ability and so on are the key elements that consumers consider when choosing and purchasing.

Therefore, stone H1 has also broken through a number of key technologies to achieve better washing ability, drying ability and clothing protection ability, bringing consumers & ldquo; washing + drying + care & rdquo; all-round upgrade product experience.

First of all, washing ability, as the basic capacity of the washing machine, also has excellent performance on stone H1, the most key core indicator is: wash clean. In order to achieve strong washing, stone H1 uses DD direct-drive frequency conversion motor, up to 1400 rpm / min high-frequency speed, through high-frequency beating and kneading and high-speed drying to decompose stains and discharge sewage, efficiently ensuring the washing effect.

In addition, for some users, the carelessness of detergents will lead to a large number of foam residues, which can easily cause secondary pollution of clothes. In this regard, Stone H1 adopts a two-way intelligent delivery design of detergent- softener, which can intelligently judge the amount of detergent, which can not only make the washing dose just right, but also protect the safety and less residue of clothing.


As the industry's first wool silk washing and drying double certification products, stone H1 RR washing and drying algorithm is also a bright spot technology, it is equipped with a number of sensors, according to different clothing fabrics for intelligent dynamic adjustment of the washing and drying process, automatic stop, never excessive drying damage clothes, wool, silk and other delicate fabrics can also rest assured.

It is worth mentioning that Stone H1 also realizes the multi-dimensional health care of clothes washing and drying. Especially in recent years, the problems related to allergies have been increasing.As a result, more and more families begin to pay attention to health care, and users' requirements for laundry and dry clothes products are also extended to germicidal mites and fine care.

Stone H1 passes throughMachine multi-dimensional sterilization, hydrolyzed silver ion, pasteurization, intelligent sprinkler system, antibacterial door mat and air washing program, anti-mite program, anti-allergy program, cylinder self-cleaning program to achieve a comprehensive health care, use more at ease.

The traditional drying method has the pain point of flying wool when manually cleaning the filter screen. Stone science and technology has developed a self-cleaning wool filtration system, which can automatically collect and wash the wool by optimizing the design of the filter, and there is no need to deal with it manually frequently.

Combining a number of technical advantages, Stone H1 has been in line with the user's multi-dimensional life scene, through the professional clothing & ldquo; washing + drying + care & rdquo; integrated solution to participate in the construction of a better life for users. Stone technology has been using innovation to simplify life, and the release of Stone H1 will also bring users an unprecedented extreme cleaning experience.


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