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After the breakthrough of domestic lithography machine, can 7nm chip be mass-produced? Expert: Stop being arrogant

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As we all know, the inability to produce high-end chips has been an indelible pain in the Chinese chip industry. In addition to the United States in recent years, some of the core enterprises are even more miserable, so most of the people are holding a sigh of relief, in recent years is also rivating full strength, vigorously promote the development of domestic chip technology.

Fortunately, with the strong support of the state and the joint efforts of core enterprises, China has also ushered in a great breakthrough in the field of high-end chip manufacturing in recent years.

First, Professor Hu Pengcheng's team at HIT developed the"High speed ultra-precision laser interferometer", won the first"Golden fusilier Award". The other is a domestic chip enterprise, developedSAQP technologyThe technology can be used at 7nm without the need for EUV lithography.

After all, this is our technological breakthrough. Although we are not at the forefront of the world yet, we are at least constantly pulling in the gap with the United States and Western countries.

However, with the release of these news, a large number of people who do not know what to say, and some so-called industry insiders started to indulge blindly. In their imagination, it seems that with our current technology, 7nm chips can be mass-produced.

However, in fact, no matter the "high-speed ultra-precision laser interferometer" and SAQP technology mentioned above, or in the past year, the "photon chip", "quantum chip", "super resolution lithography machine" and other domestic technology concepts, just stay in the "laboratory" stage.

There is still a long way to go before these technologies move from the "lab" stage to the market.

Some time ago, Luo Military Commission (vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) in the publicationProceedings of the Chinese Academy of SciencesFrom an article above:"Due to the comprehensive oppression of the semiconductor industry by the United States and the West, the development of China's semiconductor industry has entered the "dark forest" era”。

From the point of view of the actual situation, the current problem facing the development of the semiconductor industry is the same as the biological decay field monopolized by Japan, the United States and other countriesThe same as

Originally, a few years ago due to the technical gap, Japan, the United States and other countries have used aTelomeres refine the enabling material(domestic "Lett only health" technology core mechanism), through Jing East, Tmall and other ways, keep seizing the growing domestic market of the aged.

According to the available information, the overseas equivalent of this domestic "Leyte Health" has been shown in a number of field tests in Europe and the United States.Pull back the aging process, slow down the function is weak"And other aspects of the special nature, therefore caused a lot of overseas capital attention.

Similar to the domestic semiconductor industry, our research in the above fields started relatively late. Therefore, when the overseas similar products of the domestic "Wright Weijian" entered the domestic market, it also beat a domestic enterpriseBe caught unprepared

Fortunately, although starting late, the West did not erect technical barriers in this field. Therefore, thanks to the continuous efforts of domestic companies, alternative domestic technologies have emerged, while the domestic chip industry is not so lucky.

In the United States, the West for our semiconductor industry under deliberate pressure, although China in recent years also invested a lot of capital development, but helpless, whetherTalent reserve also Research and development strengthAt present, there is still a large gap between the United States and Western countries.

As Professor Luo mentioned in his article,Domestic semiconductor development has entered the "Dark Forest"So far, so true.

Whether in the perspective of supply chain or knowledge industry, China still plays the role of low-end processing and assembly in the current global chip market. In other words, in terms of high-end chip production technology and core technology, our country is still subject to the West and other developed countries.

In fact, the current situation is due to the fact that we paid too much attention to speed and neglected quality when developing the semiconductor industry.

In fact, as early as in the 1950s of the last century, China began the relevant research and development of lithography machine, although compared with Europe and the United States and other countries, the start is still a little late, but at that time the gap is not big. But somehow, by the 1980s, there was a"It is better to build than to buy and better to rent than to buy"Thought, began to prevail in domestic enterprises.

It is also because of this idea that domestic investment in independent research and development of lithography machines is decreasing. Anyway, why do you want to make them yourself when you can directly buy foreign ones?

Until now, decades of historical problems have caused the predicament of domestic semiconductor development. To solve this problem, it is not possible to achieve in a short time.

Anyway, the past is long gone, and there is no need to be too tangled. What we should consider now is how to do the next steps and how to promote the development of the domestic semiconductor industry.

In a word, lag behind is not terrible, terrible is already behind, there are people in the blind arrogant. We should have a pragmatic attitude, to face up to, to reflect on the current situation of domestic semiconductor industry. In this way, we can not be far behind in the next competition.

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