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After Japanese and Korean enterprises left China one after another, the products were difficult to sell, so they began to reflect: made in China is more reliable.

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Original title: after Japanese and Korean enterprises left China one after another, the products were difficult to sell, and began to reflect: made in China is more reliable.


In China at the end of the 19th century, the labor force was cheap and huge. Not only that, the consumption power of the market is also higher. Therefore, many products from the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea and other countries will choose to invest in China to set up factories and build production lines. As a result, foreign-funded enterprises accounted for the majority of the Chinese market, while domestic enterprises were few at that time, and some were only option B for thousands of households.

At that time, Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Apple and other brands in our country can really be regarded as well-known, everyone knows. However, with the progress of the times, these brands did not make appropriate innovation, and even made false accounts, tax evasion and so on. While it makes people feel sorry and angry, it is also puzzling. What on earth has caused the quality of service in these industries to decline significantly?

Today, these brands have gradually lost interest in China, gradually faded out of people's sight, sales have dropped sharply, and the supply of products has exceeded demand, but these foreign enterprises still only pay attention to a large number of advertisements for their products. However, Chinese people have gradually refused to accept this set, and now these foreign companies can only choose to gradually withdraw from China. However, they just do not open factories in China, or do not continue to build production lines, even so, their sales in China are not so optimistic.

The reason is that in the 19th century, in the 1970s and 1980s, China's labor force was indeed very abundant, and Chinese workers at that time did not have higher academic qualifications, but the Chinese people all had the good character of being industrious and willing to work for thousands of years. and will actively take the initiative to work overtime for the livelihood of the family, and because China's economy was relatively depressed after the second World War, since Grandpa Deng Xiaoping put forward "the Story of Spring". The country also actively introduces foreign enterprises and thinks that it may be able to learn some more advanced manufacturing industries with the help of foreign capital.

In 1990 and 1995, the quality of China's manufacturing industry has been significantly improved. Even around 2000, China also has three "giants"-Gree, Haier and Changhong. The three "giants" have joined forces to crack down on some home appliances of foreign investment. At that time, the three "giants" already had the technology to compete with foreign-funded home appliance enterprises, and their products could also compete with foreign-funded home appliances. And under the tide of patriotism, Chinese people also set off a wave of buying domestic products.

In my opinion, there are the following reasons why the sales of foreign-funded enterprises have not changed after they left China.

In my opinion, there are the following reasons why the sales of foreign-funded enterprises have not changed after they left China.

Everything is meaningless to them, because in their eyes, sooner or later, the safety of their families has nothing to do with them, as long as they are free and happy, after all, they are a "pursuit of freedom" country. So they are unwilling to work overtime, and even after the factory boss forces them to work overtime, some grumpy workers will directly smash the production equipment.

These workers are not willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the collective. With this alone, the Chinese working class would have been very great. Without their active work, China would not be as strong and prosperous as it is today. Another point is that these foreign investors are too conservative and old-fashioned to make a big breakthrough. Some netizens have published a foreign mobile phone company in his city.

In the 1870s and 1980s, when they first decided to set up a factory in China, they made a series of inspections to that city, such as the temperature and humidity of each season, and even examined the local soil environment, and so on. After repeated studies to ensure that this was consistent with their own local and suitable environment for running a factory, they decided to set up a factory there. This is certainly a very commendable and rigorous act. However, in the past 20 years, the technology of this factory has not made much progress, and even can no longer catch up with that of some enterprises in our country. In desperation, we have no choice but to sell the land and withdraw from China.

While Chinese enterprises dare to innovate, contrary to some foreigners' old impression of China, they do not dare to break through, but only dare to stay where they are. Take an agent processing factory under Geely Accessories as an example. As we all know, Geely is a minority automobile state-owned enterprise that has sprung up in recent years. And this processing plant is flexible, it takes the initiative to work with a drone manufacturer to develop some necessary parts for drones. If the above foreign company had been so flexible, it probably wouldn't have ended up like this.



Today's hot discussion: after Japanese and Korean companies have left China, it is difficult to sell their products, and they begin to reflect: made in China is more reliable.

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