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Robin Li's white belt overshines Baidu Wenxin Word

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李彦宏,还是帅的,至于“文心一言”……Li Yanhong, or handsome, as for "Wenxin word"......

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Robin Li recently everything, is directly related to "Wen Xin Word".

At 2 o 'clock this afternoon, Li Yanhong, wearing a white shirt, white belt and black pants, appeared on time at the launch conference of "Wenxin Word".

Still handsome, still elegant, still confident. But not easy, accustomed to big occasions, his performance is still some nervous.

Why release now, Baidu is really Ready?

Robin Li did not give a direct answer to this question, but emphasized from the side that Baidu is the first big company in the world to release the products of ChatGPT and GPT4. He also said that even though "Wenxin Yi" was in his own internal testing process, it could not be said to be perfect, and the timing of the release was mainly based on market demand.

Fall short of expectations

Not perfect "Wen Xin word", also have a direct reflection in the release conference.

On the one hand, there was no live demonstration. The dialogue scene about "Wenxin Word" was played at the press conference. The DEMO was pre-recorded.

On the other hand, the expected opening of "Wenxinyi" to the outside world has also come to nothing. According to Baidu, the first batch of users will be able to experience the product on Wenxin Word's website by inviting test codes from March 16, which will be opened to more users in the future.

How to understand this sentence, said a good product launch, the result is only equivalent to private beta.

Obviously, this press conference was somewhat disappointing. There was no amazing "Wenxin Word" live dialogue scene, no PK with ChatGPT, no game-changing AI. The capital market is voting with its feet, Li spoke on stage at the same time, the Hong Kong stock market Baidu's share price dived directly.

But one way or another, Baidu had to launch Wenxinyi, because Robin Li had no way out before ChatGPT.

Once Baidu's vaunted AI lead ensured that Robin Li would be on the same level, if not the first or second place, in telling the AI story to investors and the public.

But after ChatGPT exploded into the mainstream, what Baidu was doing in AI suddenly seemed a lot different.

No amount of investment in technology, no amount of accumulation of technology, and no amount of high-profile product promotion can match the direct impact of ChatGPT's killer application on the investor/public side.

Among them, Li Yanhong naturally clearly understand.

And this is exactly why Baidu must immediately rush to launch "Wenxin Word" this product.

Whether it is telling the outside world that Baidu also has a very powerful generative language training technology, showing Baidu's strong confidence in AI, or a top-down and all-round pressure from inside the company, it is a desperate battle.

Unfortunately, the day before the release of Wenxin Word, OpenAI launched GPT-4.

ChatGPT was built on the GPT-3.5 architecture, and GPT-4 is a new generation upgrade. Compared with the previous generation, GPT-4 can accept a higher limit of text input, improve the accuracy of answers, and generate diverse styles of content such as lyrics and creative texts. And GPT-4 has a strong picture recognition ability, can interpret the picture.

It also means that Baidu's "Wenxinyi", which launched ChatGPT, has already fallen behind OpenAI on the other side of the ocean before it has even launched.

Obviously for a technology oriented product, the time window may not be so friendly. But Baidu, has been on the shelf.

Advance publicity

To know from the beginning, for "Wen Xin word", Baidu's attitude is extremely high profile and put out.

Shortly after ChatGPT took off in the tech world earlier this year, Baidu announced that it was ready to launch a similar product. It also announced that it was working on a ChatgPt-like generative AI product called Wenxin Yi, which is expected to be available to the public in March.

Since then Robin Li is the embodiment of "Wen Xin word" Mr. Began to frequently for its publicity.

For example, on February 22 this year, after Baidu released its 2022 Q4 and annual financial report, Robin Li wrote in a letter to all employees that Baidu integrated a number of mainstream businesses with Wenxinyi, including search, intelligent cloud, Apollo autonomous driving, small smart devices and so on.

"Baidu has been deploying the large model since March 2019," he said on the earnings call. "Baidu's model can be recognized as the most advanced Chinese language model, not only the language, but also Baidu's deep understanding of Chinese culture. The localized large model will be more suitable for the Chinese language context and the Chinese market."

"Our AI technology is unique, and training is done with billions of user searches a day. The barriers are very high and require significant investment over many years. We have a very strong first-mover advantage."

He stressed that the technical strength behind the words of Wenxin makes other companies "put to shame".

At the same time, Baidu also pulled a large number of enterprises to carry out joint communication. And in February 28, Baidu released a notice, official Xuanwen heart word March 16 see!

There was a lot of fanfare and publicity beforehand.

Bengguan is confident, or since hi, in short, "Wen Xin word" release, there is no retreat. No matter what happens during the variable, Baidu has to be hard on the scalp.

Of course, Baidu can only taste the results alone.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the author and do not represent the position of Sina.com.)

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