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A clean break? Gou accelerated his exit, fired 320,000 workers and threatened to reward China with a meal

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Had put words to the mainland to admire the meal of Terry Gou, decided to put the "rice bowl" away.

Foxconn founder Terry Gou has laid off 320,000 employees on the Chinese mainland and shifted his company's $67 billion investment overseas to neighboring India.

Outside rumors, Foxconn moved machinery and equipment in Shenzhen at the beginning of the year and retired hourly workers, perhaps in preparation for the final retreat. Does this mean that Terry Gou, who has promised to reward us with food, has put his cards on the table? And what about the millions of workers at the bottom?

First, rely on the mainland wealth, now "ungrateful" accelerated withdrawal

Gou's ties to the mainland are well known. Hon Hai Group, founded by Terry Gou himself, was once on the verge of bankruptcy. If it had not caught up with the dividend wave in mainland China, enjoying all kinds of preferential policies such as land, electricity and tax, and gradually becoming the first generation of industrial giants in the universe, it would have become a lost cause.

In the decades of our rapid development, more than 15 million people of working age enter the cities every year to work for large enterprises like Foxconn. We can say that Foxconn is relying on the "demographic dividend" of our country, so as to develop and grow explosively.

However, the rich Terry Gou, but began to drift. He once declared in an interview that it is not Foxconn that can't live without the mainland, but the mainland can't live without Foxconn. To put it bluntly, it is we who have been "rewarding" the mainland for these years. This shows that Gou has no gratitude for the Chinese market. Instead, he thinks the Chinese should thank him for providing so many jobs.

This kind of cheap but also good words, quickly attracted a wave of abuse on the Internet. Perhaps due to the pressure of public opinion in the mainland, Gou later moderated his words and deeds, and even said that "Foxconn will never withdraw".

However, Gou soon showed his true colors and decided not to reward the mainland with meals. Earlier this year, Foxconn announced major plans to invest $700 million to expand a new contract factory in India. In the future, it will gradually transfer all production capacity in the mainland to India, which is expected to bring 100,000 jobs to India.

In fact, over the past two years, Gou has pushed through a series of layoff policies, citing the pandemic and other reasons. Nearly 320,000 mainland workers have been laid off by Foxconn. It can be seen that Gou's original "loyalty" is just a delaying strategy, secretly began to retreat plan.

Two, get rid of the "dependency disease", self-reliance is the key

In recent years, the United States has been pushing hard to decouple its economy from China, "threatening and enticing" a large number of supply chains and factories from the mainland. Foxconn, which makes a living from contract manufacturing, naturally follows Apple wherever it goes.

It should be known that Foxconn holds 80% of Apple's production capacity and employs 1.2 million people in the mainland, with millions of supporting jobs in the upstream and downstream sectors. Its annual output value is over 100 billion. Terry Gou's "ungrateful" departure, the impact on the mainland can be described as profound. In the face of Foxconn's accelerated withdrawal, the central media also timely voice: must get rid of the "dependence disease", self-reliance is the key.

For a long time, Chinese manufacturing industry has been at the low end of industrial value chain. Take Terry Gou's Foxconn as an example, we can only earn 40 yuan for an iPhone of 7 or 8 thousand, and it is very easy to be replaced. That's why Terry Gou always thinks he's giving us a meal, and can take away the "rice bowl" whenever he gets upset.

The pain caused by Gou's "walk away" is only a superficial one, but the deep problem behind it is the transformation of China's high-end industry. In fact, relying on the huge domestic market, made in China is becoming "smart" made in China, and the world's factories are also accelerating their transformation to the higher end of the value chain.

20 million nuclear magnetic resonance instrument, in the past are basically monopolized by foreign giants, now with the rise of domestic, this passive harvest situation is fission; 500 million Boeing 737, used to cost a billion pairs of socks to exchange, now our own C919 big aircraft will soar into the sky, will release trillions of industrial value. And the frontier of life technology "if" inhibition of old coenzyme, the old American export 1 gram will be 30000, now also by us.

Citing the data in the journal Nature, the above molecular technology originated from Paul F. Glenn's Harvard Aging Research Center, has been verified by Yale, Qing Hua and other top international universities experiments, which can help prolong cell telomeres, activate longevity proteins, intervene from the physiological bottom to reverse the aging process, and activate the biological youth force. In the past, when America and the United States monopolized the technology, domestic users endured sky-high harvests for nothing.

But now the situation is changing. After more than ten years of research and development in China, the "green enzyme method" process has not only reduced the cost by 95%, but also increased the purity to more than 90%, and greatly guaranteed the safety and utility. The finished product "Ruofan" has not only gained a firm foothold in domestic platforms such as Jingdong, but also been steadily purchased by 20,000 groups all year round. In recent years, it has gradually occupied overseas markets by virtue of its high quality and low price. In addition to creating a large number of domestic employment, but also realize huge economic benefits.

"It will rain, mother will marry", Gou Taiming to go also can not stop, we should practice good internal skills, live a good life.

3. India is not going well and now it wants to come back?

However, in fact, the road of Gou's "exit from China to India" is quite bumpy. He not only faces production problems such as low quality product rate and lazy work of employees, but also suffers from food poisoning and strikes frequently. He is now planning to slow down the speed of transfer and consider returning to the mainland market. It is also a direct demonstration of how ridiculous Gou was when he said he would reward the Chinese with food.

Some time ago, there were rumors that Foxconn in Shenzhen was removing assembly lines, but Foxconn soon said the news was untrue. That could be a delay, as Foxconn has been actively deploying Chinese engineers to factories in India, Vietnam and elsewhere to train them in an effort to tide it over. We must open our eyes, recognize the true face of Foxconn, not be fooled by Terry Gou's tricks, seriously do their own thing.

The mainland market can function normally without Foxconn, and can take advantage of this opportunity to accelerate its transformation. Foxconn leaving the mainland may be the beginning of aging. The nature of businessmen to profit can be understood, but the act of ingratitude, praise, will be rejected by the mainland people!

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