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No wonder the Huawei Mate X3 is extremely thin and reliable! Zhang Chaoyang reveals the truth

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Huawei Mate X3 is the new pioneer of Huawei foldable phones, and also the benchmark among current foldable flagship. The product is no longer limited to simple technological innovations, but willIn recent years, Huawei has integrated its new research results, self-developed materials and patented technologies into the foldable screen market, bringing a subversive all-around experience to users and opening a new era of foldable phones.

The Huawei Mate X3 is only 5.3mm thick and weighs only 239g when expanded, which is lighter than a straight tablet. Besides, it doesn't give up the standard of a flagship model to be extremely thin and thin. In addition, it has achieved a revolutionary increase in reliability, which can be described as a decathlon and completely subdue your imagination of foldable screen.

华为Mate X3为何能做到极致轻薄还可靠?张朝阳物理课揭秘真相

On May 19, Charles Zhang, founder and CEO of Sohu, introduced Huawei Mate X3 with "non-Newtonian fluid" anti-impact inner screen and a new generation of double rotating water drop hinge in the "Physics Class of Charles Zhang" broadcast on the same day. Through dissolving the physical layer, we saw the technical innovation behind Huawei Mate X3's extreme thin and extremely reliable.

Why does Huawei Mate X3 have excellent reliability and overall smooth opening and closing of hinges? From the explanation of "Physics Class of Charles Zhang", we know that Huawei Mate X3 has been further upgraded in terms of reliability.The outer screen is equipped with Kunlun glass, and the inner screen adopts composite laminated structure, and the industry's first "non-Newtonian fluid" anti-impact inner screen, and the innovative application of "non-Newtonian fluid" materials.

"Non-newtonian fluid" anti-impact inner screen uses millions of super-large molecular weight, trillions of super-high density (chemical bond density) non-Newtonian fluid materials based on dynamic chemical bonds with ultra-high energy dissipation ability, which can not only achieve smaller size, but also enhance the shear thickening ability of the material, so that the energy absorption ability is stronger, and improve the energy dissipation ability of the material.

It also takes into account the application of non-Newtonian fluid materials in optics, bonding and creep to ensure the ultimate optical performance and reliability of the entire screen.

华为Mate X3为何能做到极致轻薄还可靠?张朝阳物理课揭秘真相

As we all know, the biggest characteristic of non-Newtonian fluid is that it is soft when it is weak and firm when it is strong. Therefore, the "non-Newtonian fluid" carried by Huawei Mate X3 shows a soft state when it is bent at slow speed, and becomes a hard material instantly when it is struck at fast speed. Both flexibility and rigidity can fully protect the internal screen. The impact resistance of Huawei Mate X3 inner screen is improved to 4 times that of Mate X2.

In addition to the improved reliability of the internal screen, Huawei Mate X3 also uses a new generation of dual-spin water hinge and aviation-grade high-strength aluminum alloy material, bringing a new experience of ultra-thin, ultra-reliable, smooth opening and closing.

华为Mate X3为何能做到极致轻薄还可靠?张朝阳物理课揭秘真相

华为Mate X3为何能做到极致轻薄还可靠?张朝阳物理课揭秘真相

Huawei Mate X3 is equipped with a new generation of double rotary hinge, which effectively reduces structural redundancy caused by multi-mechanism linkage through the dual-track rotary shaft direct drive unit design scheme, creating ultra-thin, ultra-reliable hinge.

Specifically, the double rotary drop hinge forms a droplet space through two rotating centers, which effectively reduces the thickness of the rotating shaft while ensuring its stability. The double-track rotary shaft direct drive unit refers to two parallel metal tracks, which are connected by a series of gears and springs to realize synchronous opening and closing of the rotary shaft and multi-angle stable hover.

In order to make the hinge achieve ultra-strong extrusion and deformation resistance, Huawei Mate X3 also uses the industry's strongest 700Mpa high-strength aluminum alloy material. This material is a kind of aviation grade high strength metal material, with excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, through the non-porous technology and double track drive structure design, so that the reliability of the rotating shaft further, the same screen specifications under the compression reliability increased by more than 2 times, bringing unprecedented hinge extrusion and deformation resistance.

In addition, Huawei Mate X3 also applies many scientific and technological innovation materials into the whole machine structure, and improves the micro devices and materials. Through the ultra-thin Type-C patent technology, it further achieves the ultimate thin and thin body. Huawei Mate X3, with 239g weight and a thickness of 11.08mm when folded and 5.3mm when unfolded, dominates the entire foldable model market.

华为Mate X3为何能做到极致轻薄还可靠?张朝阳物理课揭秘真相

The latest iteration of Huawei's foldable screen technology, Huawei's Mate X3 is much more than thin and reliable. It is first equipped with Lingxi communication technology, which fully exploits the potential capacity of communication signals through Lingxi antenna, Lingxi network and Lingxi algorithm, enabling users to have smooth and stable signal experience at all times.

The first two-way Beidou satellite message function can realize the two-way contact between the help-seeking party and the rescue party when there is no ground network signal in the deep environment of the user, and can maintain interconnection with the outside world at any time. ; Equipped with super perception XMAGE image system, image capability reaches a new height in the folding screen industry; Features such as ultra-reliable Kunlun glass and IPX8 water resistance also make the Huawei Mate X3 more impressive.

As the forerunner and leader of the foldable screen market, Huawei keeps advancing with each generation of foldable screen products on the way of exploring the integration of innovative technology and materials. With Huawei Mate X3, Huawei once again opens the door of foldable screen from industrial design to technological innovation, bringing a lightweight and reliable, and disruptive all-around experience that is difficult to achieve on foldable phones.

Through the explanation of "Physics Class of Zhang Chaoyang", we can understand the technology behind Huawei Mate X3 which is extremely thin but extremely reliable. It completely solves the biggest concern of users when they hold money and wait, and speeds up the process of consumers using the foldable screen as the main machine.

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