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Totally autonomous and controllable! Huawei's 88 subsidiaries complete MetaERP switchover in 15 hours

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Huawei's official voice community published an article titled "From Decisive Victory to Comprehensive Victory -- Record of MetaERP's global coverage in May", officially announcing that 88 subsidiaries around the world had completed a large-scale switch to the original ERP system with autonomous and controllable MetaERP in 15 hours.


According to the introduction, in order to minimize the impact on the business, and give full play to the advanced nature of MetaERP to make the business operation more secure and efficient, Huawei decided to switch more than 200 subsidiaries in the world in two batches in 2023.

The first batch of large-scale handover started from 9:00 on May 13th, involving 5 regional departments, 6 accounting sharing centers and 75 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia, Southern Africa and Latin America, with a total of 88 subsidiaries, whose business covers ICT, Huawei cloud, terminal and other industries. The smooth handover was officially completed at 0:00 on May 14th. It took 15 hours, nine hours ahead of schedule.

MetaERP enters the stable running phase.


To be specific,In this large-scale MetaERP switchover, more than 500 Huawei employees from 5 regions gathered on site, across multiple time zones, and completed 233 service scenarios verification.

Group financial accounting, tax, capital and other more than 600 business personnel in Shenzhen, Chengdu and overseas 18 WarRoom gathered.

Each sharing center fought continuously for 15 hours and completed more than 1,000 tasks such as account closing, data verification and business verification.

The tax team is faced with the challenge of external compliance from one country to one tax, and comprehensively verifies every detail to ensure accurate tax payment.

More than 150 personnel in supply, procurement, and terminal services have completed all scenario verification in advance.


Huawei said,This successful switchover covers 90% of global tax laws and accounting standards, and fully covers global sales, supply, procurement, delivery, finance and other scenarios. Meanwhile, it establishes cross-field and cross-time zone efficient collaborative capabilities, laying a solid foundation for MetaERP's overall victory.

According to the documents, Huawei was included in the "entity list" of the United States in May 2019. After the sanctions were announced, the suppliers notified Huawei that they would cut off supply and service.

As the old ERP system is the "central nervous system" of Huawei, which supports the operation of Huawei's entire business, once it fails to run, the company may be paralyzed.

In response, Huawei decided to replace the old ERP system at that time, and started to develop the self-controllable MetaERP system.

Against this backdrop, Huawei's most extensive and complex project ever,In the three years since the supply cut, Huawei has invested thousands of people in self-developed ERPJointly with industrial partners and ecological partners to overcome difficulties, and successfully developed MetaERP, a future-oriented super-large cloud primitive.

In September 2021, it was successfully piloted in Malaysia. In July 2022, Huawei Technologies and other core subsidiaries went online. In early January 2023, it successfully passed the 2022 closing test.

On April 20, this year, at the "MetaERP Praise and Commitment Conference", Huawei announced that it had successfully replaced the old ERP system. MetaERP had covered 100% of Huawei's business scenarios and 80% of its business volume, and had gone through the test of monthly settlement, quarterly settlement and annual settlement, achieving zero fault, zero delay and zero reconciliation.

However, the old ERP system supports the efficient operation of sales, supply, procurement, delivery, finance and other businesses of Huawei's more than 200 subsidiaries in 170+ countries around the world with an annual output value of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Facing different countries, different customers, different transaction scenarios, and different accounting standards and tax rules, MetaERP's ability to complete global switching and support the normal development of diversified global businesses is the key to MetaERP's overall success.

This time, Huawei's 88 global subsidiaries have completed the switchover of MetaERP to the original ERP, indicating that MetaERP has withstood the test in Huawei's global business, and laid a solid foundation for Huawei MetaERP's comprehensive successful switchover.

According to the introduction, this is mainly due to the MetaERP architecture and technology to fully support global business.

MetaERP, built on the full-stack autonomous and controllable operating system, database and compilation environment, has supported the business of Huawei Technologies and other core subsidiaries, and this time also verified the capability of global large-scale business support.

Based on cloud native architecture and distributed deployment capability, it realizes cross-regional equidistant service and second-level experience for tens of thousands of users worldwide. The flexible arrangement capability based on metadata multi-tenancy realizes the agile response to the different scenarios of global tax laws and accounting standards; Based on big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, real-time business monitoring, analysis, diagnosis, control, to achieve accurate global multi-currency capital accounting, data consistency, not a penny.

In addition, MetaERP's engineering capabilities effectively support seamless global scale cutover. In order to achieve the business cutover of 88 subsidiaries in a very short time with minimal impact on business, the project team has built a complete scheme template, automatic testing and switching tools, and a collaborative combat command platform:

Precipitate more than 20 standard scheme templates, and realize the adaptation of regional business scenarios within 2 weeks; Built 8,767 minute-level end-to-end automated test pipelines, and completed the verification of 15,000 test scenarios worldwide within 3 weeks;

Build automated tools for data migration and system deployment as well as a large digital command screen to support coordinated operations of more than 1,000 personnel and 3,000 missions across regions and time zones around the world, with batch cutover at the same time.

Huawei said: "We built MetaERP with our own operating system, database and compilation environment, assembled a large team, and successfully replaced the old ERP of 88 subsidiaries in the world within 15 hours, which was never done before. It proved that we could not only make, change and use it well, but also marked that MetaERP has the globalization capability. This is a united, careful and meticulous online! It was a big, clean win!"


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