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The intelligent cabin has entered the era of large models, and Baidu Apollo human-computer interaction experience has been upgraded

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On May 23, Baidu Apollo automotive intelligent business showed the exploration results of the new-generation AI intelligent tank based on the Wenxin grand model. It is reported that this is the first domestic application of large model in the automobile industry results of exploration, is expected to promote mass production in the future. Baidu Apollo innovatively demonstrated that under the capability exploration based on the large model of culture and mind, the smart module will be equipped with a number of capabilities such as conversational interaction, logical reasoning, strategic planning and knowledge question and answer in the travel scene, and also demonstrated the extreme experience of the current imperative interaction of the smart module, which covers the whole vehicle's multi-sound zone, millisecond response and wakeless full-time interaction.


These forward-looking explorations make industry users feel that the revolution of conversational interaction based on large language model is coming soon! Each car will be equipped with an AI omnipotent assistant that knows more about users and better meets the needs of each driver and passenger.

  Efficient iteration extreme instruction interactive experience leading the industry

Baidu Apollo demonstrated its latest mass-produced voice product experience. The small degree vehicle voice SDK is based on the localization of large models, and continues to promote the extreme interactive experience of the cabin. Smooth wakeless multi-channel simultaneous interaction, full page see and say, full millisecond level response, so that users like to have a personal assistant at any time, can talk by never do anything, sitting in the main passenger and back seat of everyone can simultaneously have a pleasant interaction experience.


In particular, the true multi-channel simultaneous dialogue capability supports up to 8 channels simultaneous interactive accurate processing, covering the entire cabin inside and outside, which can realize the limit challenge of multi-channel simultaneous, rapid and continuous dialogue. Everyone sitting in the driver's seat, the passenger seat, and the back row can put forward their own demands at the same time. The voice assistant can not only identify the needs of users in different positions, but also solve them in turn, completely getting rid of the trouble of family travel where one person speaks and the whole family shuts up.

  Wisdom Tank + Wenxin large model The first large model car exploration achievement in China

Baidu Apollo also shared the first domestic exploration results based on Wenxin Grand model in the vehicle-mounted scene, looking forward to the dialogic interactive vehicle-mounted voice product. Based on the large model capability of Wenxin, Baidu Apollo carries out special training and model fine-tuning for vehicle-mounted scenes. Without manual data annotation, AI will have better language understanding and learning ability. In the future, the intelligent tank supported by the large model will be equipped with a number of capabilities such as conversational interaction, logical reasoning, strategic planning and knowledge question and answer in travel scenes, so that the in-car assistant will be able to communicate with users like a real person in the future, and can understand and meet users' deep needs in the in-car scenes.

  1. New travel scene function: intelligent planner one-stop to meet users' travel needs

During the journey, the voice on the car can help you plan the journey and recommend scenic spots and food along the way. No matter it is trivia or traditional culture understanding, small degree can give you satisfactory answers. In the family travel, inspiration painting can play a role in entertaining children. It is like a children's puzzle assistant, recording children's unrestrained imagination. By describing the desired painting in a single sentence, the AI can create a creative painting in seconds.


Super chat for travel planning


Inspiration painting becomes children's puzzle assistant

  1. Car scene features: Understand the car and understand your personalized AI consultant

At the same time, Baidu is also exploring how to use Wenxin big model capabilities to reshape personalized driving space. In the future, the variable personalization function can customize personalized voice assistant personalization according to different scenarios and different user characteristics and preferences, so as to carry out emotional communication with users. Users can also have a car consultant, abandon the old product manual, users can anytime and anywhere, detailed understanding of vehicle functions, car information will be known.


Different people: personalized voice assistant


AI new car shopping guide function

  1. Third, future paradigm of living space: Integrating large model into intelligent tank scene exploration to meet users' deep needs

It can be predicted that in the future, with the continuous innovation and iteration of big language model technology, Baidu Apollo Smart Module will also evolve into the core carrier of the "third living space" after the big model is integrated into the smart cabin scene. We can rely on voice assistant to complete copywriting in moments, take photos of scenery along the way and send them to mobile phones with one click. It's also possible to have a voice assistant do things like schedule the day and book meetings while you're driving. This intergenerational innovation of conversational human-computer interaction allows the car to be emotional and intelligent, like an AI voice assistant that understands you better, to meet users' deeper in-car needs.

At present, we are in an era of drastic changes in the automobile industry. Intelligence has become an important factor of differentiation of automobile brands, and the intelligent tank is the most perceptive intelligent vehicle configuration for users at the current stage. Baidu Apollo has always helped OEM to build intelligent competitive advantage. Its intelligent vehicle solutions have been mass-produced on 134 models of 31 auto brands, carrying more than 7 million vehicles in total.

In the future, Baidu Apollo will realize a smoother, more natural and more intelligent conversational human-computer interaction based on the ability of Wenxin large model. Moped enterprises will win the intelligent race, accompany car enterprises with a more open attitude, help car enterprises build smart cars, and win the second half of intelligent cars.

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