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Huawei Bruce Lee reveals' best-selling password 'for Huawei Mate X3, P60 series

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On May 24th, in a "Huawei mobile phone innovation technology media communication meeting", Bruce Lee, Huawei terminal BGCTO, shared the new breakthrough of Huawei P60 series in mobile image technology and CMF aesthetic design, and made an in-depth interpretation of Huawei Mate X3's comprehensive innovation in "thin and reliable", "opening and closing experience" and "connecting communication".

This meeting not only answered the industry's questions about Huawei's Mate X3 and P60 series' "tech-filled features", but also revealed the secret of success for the "flagship twin star" to continue selling well -- continuous breakthrough and innovation, and continue to bring consumers the ultimate innovation experience.

Smartphone industry downward, Huawei year-on-year continuous growth against the trend

According to data from market research agency Canalys, the domestic smartphone market in 2023 Q1 continued its downward trend, with sales declining by 13% compared with the same period in 2022. But it's also worth noting that Huawei bucked the trend in China with a 41% increase in shipments and a 9.2% market share, making it the only brand in the Chinese smartphone market to see significant growth.

From Q4 in 2022 to Q1 in 2023, Huawei mobile phones have achieved year-on-year growth for two consecutive quarters against the backdrop that the overall market tends to decline. Some analysis institutions point out that there are two reasons for such changes: first, consumers' long-term trust in Huawei's mobile phone brand; second, consumers' recognition of Huawei's continuous product innovation over the past decade.

From Mate50 series Beidou satellite news, Kunlun Glass, Huawei Image XMAGE, to Huawei Mate X3 and P60 series of Huawei environment display, connect communication, and two-way Beidou satellite news, Huawei has been continuously optimizing all dimensions that affect user experience, and finally from quantitative change leads to qualitative change -- in the stock market game, More and more consumers are voting for Huawei first when faced with the need to replace their aircraft.

Innovation is the source of consumer choice and trust

Technological innovation is the primary driving force for the development of the smartphone industry. The purchasing demand of consumers is often accompanied by the leapfrog innovation of smart phones. From the sharing of Bruce Lee, Huawei terminal BGCTO, we can also see Huawei's determination to continuously improve user experience in all dimensions of smart phones. From image technology to screen display; From communication technology, to structural design and material technology, the DNA of innovation goes deep into every aspect of the user experience.

During the conference, Bruce Lee in-depth analyzed how Huawei's Mate X3 will continue to lead the development of foldable phones. The topological optimization method is introduced for the first time from the design of the whole machine structure, and the ultimate optimal scheme is explored through simulation test and continuous iteration. To focus on the innovation of ultra-thin devices, break through the technical bottleneck of the industry, and develop ultra-thin integrated Type-C devices and ultra-thin 50W wireless charging modules; To do not give up 0.1g weight reduction opportunity, the use of the industry's first ultra-light diamond aluminum and other high-end self-developed materials, to achieve light weight, anti-fall, anti-bending perfect performance triangle. It has fully realized the thinning and weight reduction of Huawei Mate X3, which is as light as 239g1 and as thin as 5.3mm2, making large-screen foldable phone 3 thinner and lighter than large-screen straight phone for the first time.

At the same time, Huawei also goes deep into the no man's land of material science. For the first time in the industry, the non-Newtonian fluid material is applied to the composite laminated structure of Huawei Mate X3 large screen. The key factor of "dynamic chemical bond" is introduced to realize the buffer and energy absorption, and to overcome the three technical problems of light permeability, poor viscosity and easy deformation, bringing the impact resistance effect of "strong in case of strong and weak in case of weak". The impact resistance of the folding inner screen is improved to 4 times 4, and the reliable experience of lasting peace of mind is brought to users. In addition, Huawei Mate X3 is also based on human factors to accurately fit the whole process of opening and closing force. Through the new dual-track rotating shaft direct drive unit and high-precision CAM design, it brings extreme opening and closing feel, light and smooth, stable hover, simply and freely.

Under the ultra-thin body, Huawei Mate X3 also achieves IPX8-level water resistance through innovative split sealing structure and flexible sealing material; At the same time, it also creates the super-strong communication ability to connect with each other. With the help of the intelligent dual-mode tuning, dual-signal strengthening technology and other exclusive patents, it comprehensively improves the signal strength under different hand-held positions and opening and closing forms, bringing the users high-quality and smooth signal experience, and winning the recognition and trust of the majority of users with the super-strong and all-around product power.

At the same time, for Huawei P60 Pro for the first super focus night vision telephoto goggles group, Bruce Lee also revealed. Based on the goal of "giving consideration to thin appearance and feel while increasing light input of telephoto module", Huawei P60 Pro creatively adds condenser group into telephoto module to achieve a thin size with F2.1 super-large aperture. Combined with RYYB ultra-sensitive sensor, it can finally take into account the thickness and weight of the body. The optical input of telephoto module is greatly improved.

In view of this solution, Huawei R & D engineers have spent 3 years to solve the breakthrough solution of pre-condenser technology, new optical path design, polymerization and a series of detection technology solutions, while also promoting the development and progress of the upstream and downstream industry chain and the industry.

The conventional anti-shake scheme of telephoto camera is to design a focusing motor at the first set of prisms, and then place an image sensor at the end of the image system. However, because Huawei P60 Pro has a condenser lens in front of the prism, the traditional anti-shaking scheme cannot meet the demand. To further achieve a thinner module structure, Huawei pioneered the sensor transverse dual-prism optical system structure, and added a rear prism at the end of the telephoto module to allow the light to return twice. The optical axis that is parallel to the mobile phone screen is folded again to be perpendicular to the mobile phone screen, and the image sensor is laid flat at the same time, to realize the innovative displacement type of telepfocal three-axis sensor anti-shake, which not only supports the movement of the image sensor in the X axis and Y axis, but also adds the rotation anti-shake of the Z-direction sensor plane. Compared with the traditional OIS anti-shaking, the optical anti-shaking performance is improved by 58% under the same error accuracy.

Long focal macro is also a powerful tool for consumers' image creation. Huawei P60 Pro realizes clear imaging from distance to macro by redesigning the long-stroke sliding axis zoom lens group and combining with the imaging optimization mirror group. Thanks to the light gathering ability of the oversized aperture of F2.1, it can still capture tiny details in the dark light state, bringing more creative possibilities.

The success of Huawei Mate X3 and P60 series exactly shows that consumers pay more attention to not only the performance and quality of products, but also the innovation of products when purchasing mobile phones. Whether they can bring them a brand new experience and solve their actual pain points.

This is also the reason why Huawei has won the choice and trust of consumers -- by relying on mobile image technology and underlying innovation from structure, materials and process, Huawei constantly brings differentiated and extreme experience to consumers.

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