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Turning off and on ≠ restarting Make no mistake!

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Mobile phones have become our intimate "partners". But mobile phone use for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be a lag, not smooth phenomenon. Some people believe that "nothing can't be solved by restarting the phone" and that restarting the phone will solve everything, while others will simply shut down the phone. What's the difference between a reboot and a shutdown?

The difference between phone shutdown and restart

Many people think there is no difference between these two functions. They are essentially turning off the phone, but restarting it one step further and restarting it. Well, it's more than that.

A reboot is a software - and system-level reboot of a phone, with no hardware involved, while a shutdown is a complete shutdown of the system and hardware, so they are fundamentally different in many ways.

1. Different power consumption

As we all know, if we click off, the phone will be turned back on after we manually turn it on. Between this "turn off and turn on", the whole work process consumes a lot of power. And restart the phone, no manual operation, just software restart, and the phone is not cut off, relatively more power saving.

2. Different speeds

Restarting will be faster than shutting down. Because rebooting takes fewer steps than turning it off and back on. Shutting down and starting up reloads all the data and reinitializes memory, which is slower than restarting.

3. Different data cleaning situations

After the phone restarts, it does not clear important data in the system and does not need to be reloaded. It is faster when it is just used, but it does not solve the fundamental problem.

Shutting down, on the other hand, checks the whole system and removes some of the deep trash, which makes the phone last longer and smoother.

If rebooting is surface cleaning, then shutting down and turning it on is deep cleaning. Therefore, it is a better choice to turn off the phone and then turn it on. If your phone is stuck or freezes frequently, try turning it off and on again.

How often the phone is turned off

Shutting down can deep clean the phone, is it fair to say that often shut down for the phone is better? That's not true.

If the standby time of the mobile phone is too long, it will produce too much garbage, resulting in the mobile phone stuck, and even App flash back, can not run normally and other problems, but often shut down is also not advisable.

Because the system and hardware need to be coordinated to turn off and on again, frequent switching on and off the phone damage is greater. The best thing to do with a phone is to switch it on and off at a certain frequency, so the system will clean itself up and make the phone run faster.

If it is an Android phone, it is recommended to shut down the phone once a week, so that the phone has a self-cleaning process, completely close the phone background running procedures, improve the fluency of the phone.

However, if it is an iOS phone, it is recommended to shut down the phone once every two weeks or once a month, because the background of the iOS phone will clean itself to a certain extent, but in order to make the phone more smooth, it is still necessary to shut down the phone regularly and give it enough "rest".

Mobile phone "slimming" tips

Although the memory of mobile phones is getting bigger and bigger these days, the rich variety of apps will often make us lament the lack of memory. Regular cleaning, to the mobile phone "slim" is very important, today, Xiaobian to teach you a few small tips to clean up the memory of the mobile phone.

1. Clear the software cache regularly

In the process of using the App, some pictures, videos, audio that we have browsed will be cached, and these data will also be retained in the phone.

Therefore, apps should clear cache regularly, especially those frequently used apps such as social networking and shopping. This can not only release the memory of the mobile phone, but also avoid or alleviate the phenomenon of stuck to a certain extent.

2. Backup regularly and upload to the cloud

Nowadays, it is a daily routine to record the wonderful life, and photos and videos occupy a large part of the memory space of our phones. Regular backup, photos, videos, files and other important information into the cloud, can reduce the phone's memory and avoid the risk of loss, killing two birds with one stone.

3. Shut down unnecessary App startup

When the phone is turned on, some apps have the default "self-start" permission. Cancel the automatic running of some software that does not need automatic running and prohibit the self-start of some rarely used software, which can also release a lot of memory.

4. Restore factory Settings

If you frequently encounter problems such as delays while using the phone, you can consider restoring the factory Settings. But here Xiaobian to remind, this way must be carefully used! Once the phone is restored to factory Settings, all the data used in the phone will disappear.

So before you decide to restore your phone to factory Settings, make sure you back it up.

Finally, in order to use the mobile phone "life" longer, Xiaobian also told you: in the process of daily use of the mobile phone, remember to regularly kill mobile virus, do not install the App of unknown source, also do not click the website link of unknown source.

关机再开≠重启 别搞错了!

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