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Introduce the policy of "epic rescue"? What are you thinking?

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09:47:54 on 30 May 2023

Wind data show that as of the close of trading on May 26, A shares have about 8 housing companies with a continuous share price of less than 1 yuan per share, or trigger a mandatory delisting. As a result, some experts, scholars, Big V began to call for the introduction of rescue policies, and even shouted the slogan "epic rescue", as if the property market can only rely on policies to get out of the doldrums.

I do not know, when these experts, scholars and Big V shouted to rescue the market, have they carefully understood the various policies that have been issued to support the recovery of the property market, from relaxing purchase restrictions to reducing the proportion of down payment? from raising the limit of provident fund to lowering the interest rate of the first suite loan, almost all available policies have been given, and many places have even introduced a variety of housing subsidy policies. With the exception of the restriction that "house prices have not been liberalized", all policies that can be liberalized, relaxed and relaxed have been put in place, even more relaxed than before regulation.

So, why is the property market still in the doldrums, still did not appear the desired hot scene? Is the problem really still at the policy level? Have you ever thought that house prices are really too high, and the majority of residents no longer have the ability to continue to buy houses? Rational buyers who gradually prevail over sensibility will no longer be seduced by the "petty profits" given by the policy. They prefer to see developers sincerely reduce prices and sell houses, rather than relying solely on policies to promote sales.

Precisely, the problem of price reduction is not only in the hands of developers, but also in the hands of local governments. If developers sell houses at reduced prices, local governments and their functional departments will also restrict them to reduce prices, and even impose penalties on developers who sell houses at reduced prices. This is troublesome, property buyers want to reduce prices, developers also intend to reduce prices, the local government does not agree to lower prices, which makes it very difficult for the property market to have a good change, it is difficult to recover. The majority of residents have not completely lost their confidence in buying houses, and it is not that they do not want to buy houses, but the formulation of policies has stifled residents' enthusiasm for buying houses, so that buyers and developers continue to be in the interest game stage. Experts, scholars, big V call for the introduction of an "epic rescue" policy, is on the side of the developers to speak, is to cheer for the developers, and some are even the spokesmen of the developers. What the majority of residents need is a fair and just purchase order, open and transparent commercial housing prices, need to answer, why the price reduction will be punished by the local government, why do not agree to price reduction.

This cannot help but make people feel that in the real estate market, there are still phenomena of information asymmetry, unequal status, and unfair policies, especially when the property market has been seriously depressed. From the policy level, it is still using the way of "protecting developers" to start the market, and is still using the way of "protecting housing prices" to expect the broad masses of residents to buy houses. Here, we can't help but ask: the debt of developers is a debt, but that of residents is not a debt? The money of the developer is money, but the money of the resident is not money? Why do developers owe the debt to let the majority of residents buy houses at high prices to pay the bill? Why should the money that developers want to earn be provided by the broad masses of residents frugally? Obviously, this is unfair and should not be.

In the case of a persistent downturn in the property market, some policies are needed to boost it. The premise is that do not hurt buyers, do not have an impact on the fairness of the market. From the perspective of the policies that have been introduced to stimulate the property market, they have reached the "epic" level, and there is no need for a new "epic" policy. If the so-called "epic" policy is introduced again, there is only one kind, that is, to encourage property speculators to enter the market and keep house prices hot, so as to force the majority of residents to buy houses through the rapid rise in house prices. Obviously, this is contrary to the positioning of "the house is for living, not for speculation" and is not desirable.

In other words, the appeal of experts, scholars and Big V is an appeal that the buttocks are not sitting down, and it is excessively biased towards the appeal of developers, which is unacceptable and intolerable to the majority of residents. At present, if we want to restore the market, the most necessary thing, or even the only thing that can be done, is for developers to sell houses at reduced prices, to sell houses at reduced prices as far as they can, not to compare, not to compete viciously, to reduce prices moderately, to reduce prices in an orderly manner, to standardize price behavior, to punish those who maliciously reduce prices, and to punish those who disturb the price market order. If developers deal with the current downturn of the property market by reducing prices in good faith, I believe that buyers will also show their sincerity and work with developers to start the recovery of the market, and the policy at this moment can really play the function of promoting the recovery of the market.

To express opinions and put forward suggestions, including chanting slogans, we must fully understand the market, the policies already introduced by the localities, and the psychology of the broad masses of residents. The current real estate market is by no means simply driven by policies, nor is it a simple "policy city". As long as the positioning of "housing speculation" is not withdrawn, all policies must be formulated in accordance with the positioning. There can be no new "epic" policy. The current policy is "epic". The new "epic" policy is that developers sell houses at reduced prices, and local governments do not intervene, only to punish malicious price cuts. Otherwise, give everything to the market, to the developers, to the buyers.

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