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RTX 4060 Which model is cost-effective? Please collect the detailed guide

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At present, NVIDIA from 60 to 90 level graphics card has been released, and the final release of RTX 4060 has become the first choice for mainstream users, 5,000 yuan can assemble a set of 40 series game platform, allure is still very big.

RTX 4060哪个型号性价比高?详细攻略请收藏

However, since the RTX 4060 graphics card has been selected, most users are aiming at the cost performance, not long ago, some netizens asked through the APP, in this many 4060, who is more worth buying it? Below I have made a detailed table for you.

1 Detailed explanation of specifications, parameters and prices

(Note: All product prices are from the brand flagship store)

RTX 4060哪个型号性价比高?详细攻略请收藏

Excluding some strange graphics cards, I summarized the 31 mainstream products on the market, and differentiated them according to brand and price. In addition, if it is a third-party store, the price will be lower, but the overall price trend is still in accordance with the order in the table.

It is not difficult to find that, in addition to Asus, all of them have no flagship products at this level of 4060, and most of them are dual-fan versions.

Before recommending it, take a look at the indicators and performance parameters of 4060 to let you have a rough understanding.

RTX 4060哪个型号性价比高?详细攻略请收藏

We directly look at the table, but still sigh, the 4090 with AD102 chip is really like a "monster" as strong, so this generation of 4090 is actually the most cost-effective.

2. Theoretical performance and game performance

RTX 4060哪个型号性价比高?详细攻略请收藏

DX11 testing is suitable for most traditional 3A games or online games, in this test AMD RX 7600 ahead of the RTX 4060 a lot, but some 3A games released are mostly in the DX12 environment.

RTX 4060哪个型号性价比高?详细攻略请收藏

There are too many theoretical performance tests to go on, so check out 3DMARK's new SpeedWay test, which combines real-time ray tracing and traditional rendering techniques to measure video card performance. Scenes include ray-tracing reflections, real-time global lighting, mesh shaders, volume lighting, particles, and post-processing effects. So the SW test can be seen as a benchmark for the next generation of 3A games.

RTX 4060哪个型号性价比高?详细攻略请收藏

In terms of games, I selected some traditional 3A games, light chase games and online games. As for the recently popular "Fearless Contract", it can run more than 700 frames under 1080p, and 4K resolution can reach more than 200 frames.

3 Purchase Suggestions

Buy RTX 4060 most players are also for the price to come, if you do not have their own special favorite brand, or recommend 2500 yuan below the product.

As for the gap between these graphics cards, the performance difference between the beggar version and the mid-end is basically no more than 5%.

After all, at this level of RTX 4060, even if the manufacturer makes a flower, the performance level is placed there, and the space down and up is not too large.

So just choose what you like, the other thing to consider is heat dissipation and size.

Rainbow is the current user more recognized brand, the new tomahawk after the revision looks better, and this three-fan tomahawk in the heat dissipation effect is better.

Before the launch of the Super Dragon, the magic dragon has been MSI's flagship series, although this is a two-fan version, but the workmanship materials and specifications are still online.

Aijia is obviously the main series of this generation, these two are white series, and the surface has coating treatment, "feel" and performance are relatively good. And interestingly enough, the three-fan AIjia is a sexy route, the backplane is quite "plump"; On the other hand, the dual-fan AIjia takes the cute route, from the packaging to the design of the card body, it is lovely.

As a cheap series of DUAL, although it is Asus's "hack" version, but the workmanship materials are still online, and in terms of heat dissipation, ASUS has been performing well, coupled with the indisputable brand power, this DUAL is also a good choice.

4 Summary

Finally, in the RTX 4060 performance range of the graphics card, is a relatively small optional range, after all, manufacturers are not willing to spend time and materials to do flagship cards, so the overall difference is not large.

However, the 31 products listed above are basically online e-commerce sales models, in some OEM machines, there will be offline models for channel sales, and those graphics cards will be more "beggars" than those sold in flagship stores.

However, the graphics card is not like the motherboard power supply, even if the beggar, the AD107 chip can not be false, the performance is not too bad. Moreover, the current RTX 40 series does not have to worry about the risk of mining cards or second-hand, and users who are not too entangled can relax and buy.

If you are interested, I will continue to launch 70/80 series products.

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